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Planet Numbers are a leading provider of memorable business phone numbers, inbound calling services and cheap international calls.

Cheap International Calls

With Planet Numbers you can make the cheapest international calls from your landline, your mobile and even phone boxes - from just 1p a minute. You'll save yourself (or your business) a fortune in the process!

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0800 - Now free to call from all UK mobiles!

Last year, 0800 numbers became free-to-call from all UK mobiles, and the best numbers are now selling faster than ever. Get a 30 day free trial from Planet Numbers and you'll see your business' sales enquiries rocket!

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0333 and 0345 Numbers

Planet Numbers' 0333 and 0345 Numbers are FREE for you to receive calls on: Just a simple fixed cost from £14.99 a month. 0345 and 0333 numbers are also bundled in with your customers' inclusive monthly calls tariffs on home phones and mobiles so they're effectively free to call.

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International Toll Free and Virtual City Numbers

Provide potential customers that are based overseas a toll-free or local call that delivers calls to your business here in the UK.

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Live Call Answering Service

The Planet Numbers Answering Service: Real people answering all your calls when your line's busy or unattended.

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Emergency Call Routing Plans

Planet Numbers disaster recovery service - keep your business connected during times of emergency.

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Free Conferencing Service

Set up a free conference call with our dependable, high quality service - talk with clients, colleagues and suppliers across the world.

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What our customers say...

Excellent site. And cheap too……

Hugh Conlon

Always so easy to use, no complicated registration, great improvements for 3 Mobile too!

Helen Rose

I think this is a fantastic service. I was suspicious at first, as previously I’d spent £100 ringing Thailand but I’ve checked my bill and it’s true!! Thanks.

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