About Us

Independence Is Impartial!

Planet Numbers is positioned as one of the very few Communications Providers in the UK that is truly independent. We are determined to provide our clients with the most competitive terms and offer the best value in the communications market place. Moreover, we never compromise on quality, service or resilience.

We have achieved this by securing direct contractual relationships with the leading tier one telecoms carriers, and are fully authorised by BT Wholesale and Openreach.

Our Carriers include Kingston Communications, TalkTalk Business, Cable & Wireless and of course BT! With such expertise at our disposal, any client wishing to embrace emerging technologies will never be wanting.

We believe our strategy to be the most effective in the sector, and we will always apply our independence to ensure that our clients are not committed by restrictive long term contracts, thus allowing them to take advantage of terms and developments in technology, as they become available.

Who We Are

Robin James

Managing Director

Alex Deutsch

Network Manager

Tom Johnson

Business Sales

Hannah Gryba

Marketing Assistant

Dawn Sutcliffe

Billing Manager

Jordan Gooding

Customer Support

Karen Venn


Cheap International Calls

With Planet Numbers you can make the cheapest international calls from your landline, your mobile and even phone boxes - from just 0.5p a minute. You'll save yourself (or your business) a fortune in the process!