Call Queuing System

Planet Numbers' automatic call queuing service lets your callers know that you'll be with them in a few moments - and that you value their call: Callers hate an engaged tone!

It can be pretty frustrating to phone up a company and be told your call’s in a queue. You’ve taken the time to call, your time is precious and you want to speak to a real person as soon as possible.

But, as anyone who runs a business knows, there are times when, despite all your best efforts, there is simply no alternative to making your customers wait a while before you can deal with their call.

However, letting your customers hear a polite and informative queuing message is infinitely preferable to fobbing them off with a potentially infuriating engaged tone!

An automated Call Queuing System is the simplest way to make sure that your customers know you value their call. And when you buy a Planet Numbers business phone number you can add Call Queuing to the number, FREE.

In this way you can automatically keep your callers in the picture about how long they should expect to wait and what position they are in the queue. And all your Call Queuing settings can be controlled and changed with a couple of clicks of your mouse, using your Planet Numbers online interface.

For example, you can choose how many callers are held in the queue: usually up to 50, but even more if necessary.

You can also choose the music your callers will hear while they’re on hold and play a variety of ‘comfort’ messages or sales messages to your callers, and dictate how often they hear them. You can even record these yourself, or of course have them professionally recorded.

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