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Automated Call Queuing lets your customers know you'll be with them in a few moments. And it’s completely free with every Planet Numbers business number.

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Never lose a valuable customer call

We all hate being held in a queue, but we hate an engaged tone even more. With Planet Numbers’ Call Queuing, your customers hear a polite and friendly message telling them you’ll answer shortly, and where they are in the queue.

You can record your own messages or use one of our professionally recorded ones, and you can choose how often your callers hear it. You can also select the music they hear while they’re waiting.

You can hold up to 50 callers in a queue and control all the Call Queuing settings from your online Planet Numbers dashboard.

Best of all, our automated Call Queuing service is completely free when you buy any Planet Numbers phone number.

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To find out more about Free Call Queuing please complete the following or call free on 0800 0886 886 and speak with one of our friendly team.