Call Whisper Service

Planet Numbers' Call Whisper service automatically gives you an instant heads up of what each incoming call is regarding.

£5 a month

If you run multiple services, or sell lots of different products, Planet Numbers’ Call Whisper Service can play you a quick pre-connection message when the phone rings.

Record a different pre-connection message for each product, service or promotion, so you get a ‘heads up’ to prepare yourself for the call.

Benefits of our Call Whisper Service

  • Easily identify which phone number has been dialled
  • Run multiple businesses from a single line, yet know which of your businesses is being called
  • Perfect for home workers using a single home line.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns
  • An unique recorded message is played when you answer a call

No extra lines to rent or equipment to buy

Rest assured, with Planet Numbers’ Call Whisper Service there is absolutely no requirement for any additional equipment whatsoever. We’ll simply play the announcement to you when you’re answering an incoming call from a Planet Numbers’ virtual number.

Now choose a number that suits your needs and budget

To get started, simply choose a number, or call our friendly team for some no-obligation advice, free on 08000 886 886.

Find Out More

To find out more about Call Whisper Service please complete the following or call free on 0800 0886 886 and speak with one of our friendly team.