Dynamic Call Agent (DCA)

Give callers a better experience when they call your organisation

When it comes to providing superb customer satisfaction using a simple and cost effective service, the Planet Numbers Dynamic Call Agent service is the inbound call management system you’ve been waiting for. DCA allows you to utilise the skills and expertise of individual agents to effectively answer each customer’s query, whilst allowing your agents the freedom to work anywhere in the world, using any phone.

Striving for customer satisfaction

Fast-growing modern businesses can often struggle to effectively answer all incoming calls with tailor-fit answers and solutions, which can then lead to poor customer satisfaction. Jumping from one department to the other not only looks unprofessional, but also wastes your customers’ time and can leave them feeling dissatisfied. A simple call should lead to a quick and simple solution; whether it’s a query, a sale, a complaint or feedback.

Did you know: Despite the popularity of social media, emails and online purchasing, a telephone call is still the most preferred method of contact.

Regardless of whether you’re a private company, in the public sector or run a not-for-profit organisation, you’ll have a need for an inbound call management solution which can quickly, seamlessly and effectively direct calls to the most appropriate agent. Unfortunately, these systems are often prohibitively expensive and only the preserve of huge multinational businesses – until now. Planet Numbers’ DCA offers businesses a cost-effective solution, packed full of the superb features you’d expect from Planet Numbers.

How can Dynamic Call Agent help my business?

Planet Numbers DCA aims to address several key challenges by:

  • Directing callers to the appropriate department first time
  • Effectively utilising individual operator skill sets
  • Handling unexpected peaks or seasonal demands with ease
  • Maintaining an uninterrupted service during disasters

Let’s take a closer look…

Each incoming call is assigned to a particular skill set, specific to the nature of the call; for example, specific technical queries relating to individual products, sales queries relating to a particular service or customer feedback – the list is endless. Once the call has been allocated to a particular skill set, it can then be automatically passed on to an available agent whose expertise matches the nature of the call.

Administrators have the ability to create, edit and delete skill sets as necessary, assign skill sets to agents, prioritise agents’ multiple skill sets by knowledge and relevance as well as monitor agent and skill set performance in both real-time and through historical reporting. What’s more, administrators can reassign agents between skill sets to ensure even coverage for all calls, and it is particularly easy to temporarily add new agents to cover busy periods.

For agents it couldn’t be easier; they simply log in to their ‘Agent Console’ to begin promptly answering calls as they arise. This means they can work from anywhere in the world which makes it easy for businesses to utilise home workers and self employed agents.

Once the system has been set up it is mostly managed by the agents, resulting in minimal input from administrators.

A complete solution

Planet Numbers DCA doesn’t simply route calls to agents, though. This powerful system also includes handy features such as Call Whisper so that the agent is aware of which skill set the call has been assigned to before they answer, as well as Call Recording to keep track of each individual call for future reference, and Mid-Call Transfer to aid in resolving multiple queries within a single call. Dynamic Call Agent is also fully compatible with other nodes including CLI Routing, Time, Day, Week, Month and much, much more.

Our DCA software is a completely user-friendly, intuitive and non-technical system, which means staff training can be kept to a minimum – saving you time and money. Thanks to its integration with our network, all changes are made in near real time, with all activity data logged for comprehensive management resource planning.

Who could benefit from Planet Numbers DCA?

  • Doctor’s & dental surgeries
  • Car dealerships
  • Veterinary practices
  • Estate agents
  • Online retailers
  • Local councils
  • Charities
  • Schools & universities
  • Solicitors
  • Accountants
  • plus many, many more…

By harnessing the power of our DCA you’re in complete control of how each call is answered, how many operators you use at any one time, and therefore how much you spend.

So what are you waiting for? If offering outstanding customer service, staying in control of how your telephone calls are dealt with and reducing your overheads are important to you and your business, Planet Numbers Dynamic Call Agent could be the  solution for your business.

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