Dynamic Call Agent (DCA)

Automatic redirection by DCA is the cost-effective way to make sure your incoming calls get to the right person in your organisation quickly and efficiently.

£15 a month per agent

Give your customers the service they expect

When you call a company there’s nothing more frustrating than being pushed from department to department until you find the person who can help you. But with Planet Numbers’ DCA, you can make sure your customers’ calls go to the right destination straight away, every time.

What your customers hear

Your DCA system’s administrator simply sets up the call routing options that callers are offered via an intuitive online dashboard. These can be departments or ‘skillsets’ — such as ‘technical queries’ or ‘questions about your bill’. It’s entirely up to you how you structure your options and how many you offer. Your customers will hear the options spoken by a ‘virtual receptionist’ and simply key in their choices. Naturally, these can be multi-level if necessary.

Optimise your team’s time management

By ensuring each incoming call goes straight to the person most able to deal with it, you’re ensuring your team doesn’t waste time dealing with and rerouting misdirected calls. What’s more, calls only go to team members who are currently logged into the DCA system. And if they’re busy on another call, the new call is automatically reassigned to another person. This means the risk of unanswered calls — and grumpy customers — is minimised.

Answer calls anywhere, anytime

One of the great benefits of the DCA system is that your team members can log in from any phone, in any location. So if you have people out on the road or use remote workers, they can receive customer calls as if they were onsite. This also means you can answer customer calls remotely outside normal office hours; in the evening and at weekends, for example.

A powerful suite of virtual switchboard features

Planet Numbers DCA doesn’t just route calls to your team. It also includes a comprehensive suite of powerful call-handling features such as:

Call whisper: your team member is told which skillset the call has been assigned to before they answer.

Call recording: record all, or a percentage of your business’ phone calls to help with training and resolving customer complaints.

Automatic time/day routing: destination lines are automatically switched depending on the time or day.

Email on no answer: if nobody answers a customer call, our system will email you all the callers details – time, date and CLI where possible.

Hunt groups – sequential and simultaneous ringing.

Advanced virtual receptionist – select the skill sets for each employee and route your incoming calls to the right member of staff every-time by allowing callers to select from a choice of options.

Mid call divert – when the caller needs to speak with another department, you can transfer his call to another line.

Holiday schedules – create special routing plans for holidays and special dates in advance.

Generate comprehensive user reports

Planet Numbers’ DCA system lets you generate detailed reports to let you analyse how incoming calls are dealt with: how they were redirected, who was available, how long the calls took and so on. You can get a real feel for how efficiently and effectively your team is dealing with customer enquiries.

Pay just £15 per user per month

To give you ultimate flexibility, you pay for your DCA services by the number of people who can be logged in at any one time. Each ‘licence’ costs just £15 a month so, if you wanted to have 10 members of your team able to access the system at any time, you’d pay for ten monthly licences. And when your company gets bigger and needs to handle more calls, or you have a short-term promotion requiring extra lines, just add more user licences.

Find out more

A webpage can only skim the surface of how a Planet Numbers’ DCA system can help you give customers a slick and friendly in-bound call experience. To discuss the benefits in detail, call us on 08000 886 886.

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