Emergency Call Routing

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning are essential processes that prepare companies for unpredictable disruptive events such as flooding, fire, high winds, snow or other bad weather, through to simple power cuts or phone lines being down.

The Great British weather is known to be unpredictable, and whilst many of us think about ensuring our insurance is in order and our wardrobes are stocked with all the necessary clothing should the rain, wind and snow arrive, many of us don’t consider the possible impact on our businesses.

Emergency Call Routing for business continuity should be an essential process to prepare your company for unpredictable disruptive events such as flooding, fire, high winds, snow and other adverse weather conditions, through to simple power cuts and phone lines being down.

No Customers, No Business

Whilst many of us would hope that by advertising our email addresses on our websites our customers would use them and any other possible means to get in contact, the harsh truth is that if customers cannot reach your business on the telephone, chances are, they’ll shop elsewhere.

Although Autumn and Winter are usually when we experience the worst weather, history has proven natural disasters and freak weather can strike at any time of year! Luckily you can easily safeguard your business today with our reliable service, ensuring you’re always connected to your customers.

If your business was uncontactable for a day, a week, or even a month whilst repair work was carried out, how would that affect your balance sheet?

Keeping You Connected

With Planet Numbers Emergency Call Routing, you can have an emergency phone number set up with a complete call plan running in the background, so if an unfortunate disaster strikes, simply call your phone line provider and have them divert your calls to your awaiting Emergency Call Routing Service Number.


Here are some of the options available on our call routing plans:

Percentage Routing – you’re in complete control as to how many lines you route to and what percentage of calls go to each line, meaning your staff are always working to their optimum.

Time of Day – route calls to different locations depending on the time of day or day of the week. This is ideal if you work from home, you’re on the move on particular days or you’d like calls routed to a mobile phone on evenings and weekends.

Call Queuing with Announcement – you want your business to appear as professional as possible, even when disaster strikes! With a custom announcement during call queuing, you can advertise special offers, new products or simply thank your customers for their custom.

Caller Announcement – play callers a pre-recorded message before the call is connected to let them know that you’re still open for business as usual, or explain any special steps you’ve taken to aid them through the bad weather.

Route Calls to Multiple Destinations – choose whether you’d like incoming calls routed to multiple destinations in a particular order or all at once.

Live Call Answering – if nobody is available to take calls, we can take messages for your business during this disruptive time or direct calls where they are needed.

Voicemail – if you’re unable to visit the office, or you’ve closed early for the day so that your staff can battle through the weather in day light you can choose to play a pre-recorded voicemail message, clearly explaining your reduced hours or apologies for the unexpected closure, whilst giving your clients the opportunity to leave any important messages for you to retrieve at your convenience.

With Planet Numbers you’re always in complete control of your chosen service; you can use our online control portal to change and update your routing plans as you see fit at any time of day or night.

Call us today, free on 08000 886 886 and safeguard your business against unexpected disasters.

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