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Planet Numbers' business grade Fax to Email service allows your faxes to be received as email attachments, which can then be viewed and stored easily on your PC or Mac.

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Fax to Email Features and Benefits

Beyond the convenience of your own personal fax number, the benefits of fax to email are many:

  • Confidential faxes remain confidential
  • Faxes are delivered directly to your personal email, where the only person who ever needs to see them is you.
  • With Fax to Email, your faxes come directly to you. No more lost faxes, paper jams or empty trays.
  • Easy distribution of fax messages.
  • Print, forward, save and file fax messages on your PC or MAC with a few simple clicks.
  • No busy signals

There’s nothing more annoying for your customers or clients than receiving a busy signal when they’re trying to send you a fax. Fax to email eliminates this inconvenience.

Increase Productivity

  • Wherever you are, faxes will always be waiting for you to view whenever you check your email.
  • Eliminate the fax machine ‘commute’.
  • All your faxes come directly to you in your email inbox.

Charges and pricing

There are no additional costs for our fax to email service – you just pay the usual set up fee and service charge for the number you choose, and that’s it. Simply select the number range you would prefer and search for a number.

Reduce your office expenses and ‘go green’

You’ll use no paper or ink with the Planet Numbers fax to email service, and you can store your faxes on your PC or MAC, printing only those you need.

Get started by choosing a number.

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