Online Control Service from Planet Numbers

Planet Numbers Online Control Panel provides a myriad of inbound telephony solutions, all from one easy to use portal.

Deliver Calls to:

Single or multiple destinations
Alternative destinations on Busy or No Answer

Routing based on:

Time of Day
Day of Week
Date Range
Special Day routing (such as Public Holidays for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)
Deliver calls to Voicemail
Set up Missed Call Alerts
Geographic location of the caller

…Along with more advanced options to allow you to maximise the possibilities:

IVR Menu

Through the Interactive Voice Response menu system, we give you the ability to create single key multi-level menus, route calls differently for each menu choice, choose from a multitude of call distribution options including direct to voicemail, plus configure time, day and date settings.


Queued calls can be distributed through a variety of different options including; Round Robin, Random, Bounce, Percentage or First Last Exit distribution. You have the ability to configure standard queue settings based on either Max Calls, Max Queue Size, Queue Timeout or No Answer Time Out plus you can also enable Queue Dropout. Additionally, you get a choice of 6 on-hold music options or you can assign custom audio announcements to communicate your company’s offers or corporate message.

Mid Call Divert / Mid Call Conference

Our Mid Call Divert (MDC) feature allows you to forward on calls to another operator so that your customer can talk to all the right people in just one call. What’s more, you can also take advantage of Mid Call Conference (MCC), so once the call has been forwarded, all 3 parties (2 operators and 1 customer) can converse at the same time. For ease of use you can configure 3 digit speed dials numbers so that each call is passed on correctly and quickly.

Multi Outdial / Simultaneous

You can simultaneously dial to up to 7 numbers to connect to the first person that answers.

Fax to Email

Faxes can be delivered via email in PDF or TIFF file format with customised settings (Subject, Body, From etc.).

Call Recording

Call Recording is available on the majority of our call routing options (including Conference and Queue) and each recording is delivered via email in MP3, WMA or WAV format. You can also mute or record the call On Demand to ensure that sensitive information is not stored on the call recording (not available on conference call recording).


Call flow can be controlled based on Round Robin, Random, Bounce or Percentage Distribution.

Call Whisper

Custom audio can be played to the receiving party, meaning your agents can answer each call based on what they hear (perfect if you answer incoming calls for multiple organisations).

Voicemail – extended features

Voicemail greetings can be customised and you can choose to receive each message via email (in MP3, WMA or WAV file), via telephone service, or both!

Audio Manager

Using the Audio Manager, audio files can be uploaded and then attached where custom audio is permitted in a call flow. Audio files can be uploaded in MP3, WMA, or WAV file format, or you can choose to upload custom ringtones (available with selected features).


During each call, you have the ability to send emails to a maximum of 10 email addresses (including Missed Call Alerts, Call Recording & Voicemail files, Faxes), plus you can customise settings for each email (Subject, Body, From etc.). Additionally, all the following features are contained within our Service Designer interface in the Planet Numbers Control Panel.

CLI Routing

Calls can be routed based on a caller’s CLI (telephone number) or telephone keypad input. You can also use default or customised audio to collect digits using telephone keypad and configure the match type based on either most matching digits or exact.

DTMF Capture

We give you the ability to control what happens in the next call flow using digits entered using the telephone keypad (when combined with other features such as Send Post).

Post Call

Our Post Call feature allows activity to continue for either party after the other has hung up (e.g. to perform a feedback survey).

Send Post

During the call flow, you have the ability to send and receive HTTP posts. You can construct the query string using Literal Values, Service Variables and Custom Service Variables.

Outbound Call

Our Outbound Call feature allows the calling party to key in a destination to be connected to, meaning they are connected to the right operator much faster. You also have optional PIN Protection Control of permitted destinations (Landline, Mobile, International), plus all calls can be recorded and default audio announcements can be replaced with customised audio.

These features are all backed up with the following functionality:

  • Multiple pre-configured plans (multi-plan) can be created for each inbound number.
  • Individual plans can be instantly activated through the PIN protected IVR service or via the portal.
  • Multiple services will enable our Channel Partners to create or build disaster recovery solutions for their customers such as build evacuations whereby inbound calls can be diverted to alternative sites.
  • You can assign multiple numbers to existing plan configurations.
  • Real-time flexible dashboard showing key call statistics; create multiple dashboards to manage all your customers information.
  • Real-time queue dashboard available for queuing services.
  • ‘Pulse’ reporting package showing multiple real-time call statistics reports.
  • ‘Pulse’ reports can be scheduled for delivery via email.
  • ‘Pulse’ report data can be downloaded into .csv files.

Additional Services For Your Chosen Numbers:

Call Answering Service

When all your phone lines are busy our receptionists will professionally answer your incoming calls for you

Call Centre Package

The easiest way to get an effective in-house 'call centre' without the expense of new equipment or additional staff

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Call Queuing

Let your customers know you'll be with them shortly

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Call Recording

No more scrabbling for a pen and paper - record any incoming call when you need to

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Call Tracking

It's never been more important to know where your business is coming from - call data reports show you instantly.

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Call Whisper

Easily identify which number is being called. Ideal for home workers.

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International Routing

Perhaps you have an office overseas? With this service your customers will dial your virtual UK phone number and have no idea they're speaking to you in another country!

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Multiple Destination Routing

Precisely control how your calls are connected to different destination numbers

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Post Call Surveys

Post Call allows activity to continue on the call after either the caller or agent have ended the call.

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Time of Day Routing

Connect your incoming calls to different destinations depending on the time of the day and/or the day of week.

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Virtual Switchboard

Allows callers to select an option via the telephone keypad to connect their call to their desired department.

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Welcome Greeting

Welcome every call with a friendly and helpful pre-recorded greeting.

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