Telephone Answering Service

Improve your business’ customer service and engagement with our call answering service.

Bronze Package

Free Account Set Up

£49.99 Monthly Fee
30 Included messages per month
Additional messages just £1.75 each
Calls always answered in the UK
30 Day minimum contract term
7 Day free trial

Silver Package

Free Account Set Up

£99.99 Monthly Fee
65 Included messages per month
Additional messages just £1.50 each
Calls always answered in the UK
30 Day minimum contract term
7 Day free trial

Gold Package

Free Account Set Up

£199.99 Monthly Fee
175 Included messages per month
Additional messages just £1.25 each
Calls always answered in the UK
30 Day minimum contract term
7 Day free trial

Does your business need a call answering service?

Never miss an opportunity to connect with a customer using our telephone answering service.

  • Don’t make your callers wait. Calls are answered on or before the third ring.
  • Your callers will be able to speak to a person even if your lines are engaged.
  • Improve customer service without investing in more staff members.

Our phone answering service

Planet Numbers effectively beefs up your ability to answer incoming calls with this outsourced service. Our professionals will answer calls for your business, transfer callers, and take down messages when your lines are busy.

We offer several packages that will suit the needs and budget of any business.

Your telephone calls answered within three rings

No-one likes voicemail, especially when calling a business. That’s why it’s vital your customers’ calls are always answered by a real, live person – quickly and politely. It can literally be the difference between getting a new customer, and missing out. With Planet Numbers call answering service, you can rely on our well trained and friendly operators to answer your incoming phone calls – within three rings.

Your customers are none the wiser

We want your customers to think they’re talking to a member of your team. So we’ll answer with your company name and say exactly what you’ve asked us to say. You can choose to have your calls transferred to another line, your mobile say, or our operators can simply take a message and deliver it to the correct person by email or sms text message.

Choose a short-term or ongoing contract

Some businesses use our phone answering service for a month at a time – perhaps during busy sales phases or during the holiday season when staff numbers are down. Others prefer a rolling contract to provide an ongoing safety net to ensure their important sales calls are never missed. The minimum contract is just 30 days. See the ‘Our Packages’ panel above for details.

No charge for wrong numbers

If someone calls you by mistake or with unwanted sales or nuisance calls, we won’t charge you for answering.

Call Planet Numbers

Call me today on 0800 0886 886 to discuss your business’ call answering requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a call answering service?

A call answering service involves a group of trained customer service professionals who will answer incoming calls to client businesses. These professionals can route callers to appropriate departments or people, note down detailed messages, and other related tasks.

What Is a call answering service for?

A call answering service is typically employed by businesses that have limited capabilities when it comes to catering to every call. Some of these businesses also have dedicated teams that answer calls, but they are often not enough to meet the number of calls they receive, especially during busy hours.

How does Planet Numbers’ call answering service help businesses?

Our phone answering service makes call management easier for businesses. Many organisations can struggle during busy seasons. They can get overwhelmed with incoming calls, often leading to long wait times for callers which often translates to lost custom. With Planet Numbers’ phone answering service, we make sure that calls are answered on or before the third ring. Our professionals are highly trained and experienced, so your callers will believe they are conversing directly with your business. We can either transfer these callers to your lines when they become available or we can take down messages and relay them to you later. Together with our other call-handling features, this service will make sure that your callers don’t wait long when they call and that their concerns are heard in a timely manner. This does wonders for your customer service.

Will all my calls be answered by Planet Numbers?

We'll never outsource your calls to another business. All the calls you send to us will be answered by our fully trained receptionists, here in Bournemouth.  You can decide whether to send all your phone calls to us - or only the calls you're too busy to answer yourself.

Is there a cost to forward calls to a landline or mobile?

If you choose, we can attempt to transfer calls to you for an additional cost of £0.50 plus £0.03 per minute for calls routed to a UK landline, and £0.06 per minute for calls connected to a mobile.  International pricing is also available on application.

How are calls handled outside of office hours?

Between 18:00 and 08:30, your calls will be sent to a dedicated voicemail system with a personalised recorded greeting for your business.  Alternatively we can transfer these calls to another number of your choice - for example, your mobile.

What is your minimum contract term?

After your 7 day FREE trial period, our call answering service contracts run on a simple monthly rolling term.  All we ask is for one months notice to close your account.

Find Out More

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