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Cheap calls to Spain
  1. International Dialling Code: 0034
  2. Time in Spain: GMT + 1

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Create a PIN-less calling account with Planet Numbers and make cheap calls to Spain from any UK landline or mobile.

Creating your account

Simply complete our customer registration form or login if you've registered already.

  • Calls to Landlines:


  • Calls to Mobiles:


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PIN-Less Dialling:

Our revolutionary technology has removed the need for a PIN. Our new PIN-less dialling system means it’s never been easier to make an international call.

Once your account has been created, simply call one of the account recognition access numbers below:

Landline access: 0161 328 7777
03 Access: 0333 370 3777
Freephone access: 0800 021 9777

(Freephone Access Incurs a 1p/min surcharge from a landline and a 3p/minute surcharge from a mobile).

Charging information

  • Billing is in one minute increments, rounded up to the next minute.
  • There is a 5p connection fee for each call.
  • Your credit has no expiry date, and no daily or weekly "service" charges. Top up now and use whenever you choose!


  • No SIM Cards.
  • No PINs to remember
  • Create speed dials to your 10 most called numbers
  • Works from ANY UK phone
  • No dropped calls or bad connections
  • Prepaid Account, leaves you in control
  • No credit check
  • No maintenance fees

All card payments are taken through the PayPal Payment Gateway. This means you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your payment is being handled securely and efficiently.

Cheap calls to Spain from your landline or mobile

Create a prepaid calling account with Planet Numbers and you can make cheap calls to Spain at our low rate of 1p per minute, from all UK landlines and mobiles. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create your account
  2. Register the number(s) you’ll be calling from.
  3. Make a prepayment, securely via Paypal – minimum of just £5.00, which includes VAT.
  4. Now dial our local rate access number, 0161 328 7777 (Our system will recognise your number, so you don’t need a PIN).
  5. Then dial your number in Spain, not forgetting to use the international dialling code, 0034.
  6. When you’re finished, simply hang up as normal.

Save £££ compared to calling with BT!

Instead of paying 76p every minute to call Spain, as you would with BT) you’ll pay just 1p/min, regardless of the time of day, or day of the week you’re calling. At these rates, it doesn’t take long for that saving to mount up to something significant!

Call Spanish landlines for 1p a minute – mobiles for 2.5p

With a Planet Numbers ‘PIN-Less Calling Account’, you can use any landline or mobile, on any network to make super-cheap calls to Spain. Calls to a landline cost 1p a minute, all day every day, plus a 5p connection charge. Calls to mobiles cost just 2.5p, all day every day, plus the 5p connection charge.

Super cheap calls to Spain for just 1p/min!

To make the cheapest calls to Spain, just follow these easy steps...

  1. Dial 090 4446 4446 to buy £5 of calling credit - total cost £5.00 (plus your phone provider's access charge). This will give you £5.00 worth of international calls per our tariff.
  2. Dial 0161 328 7777. You'll hear a new dial tone; now dial the full international number starting 0034 as normal.
  • Pay by phone:

    090 4446 4446

    Calls cost £5.00 + your phone providers access charge

  • Calls to Landlines:


  • Calls to Mobiles:


Super-cheap calls from ANY UK phone

Prepaying for your international calls needn’t be complicated – that’s why we’ve introduced our new ‘pay by phone’ service.  You can buy calling credit in £5 increments, simply by calling a single number – you’ll then receive a unique PIN which you can use from any UK landline or mobile.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Dial 090 4446 4446. This will cost you £5 (plus your phone provider’s access charge)
  2. You’ll hear a brief thank you message, along with your unique PIN.
  3. Dial 0161 328 7777 followed by your usual FULL Spanish number including 00. You can find the per minute cost for calling all countries here on our tariff page.
  4. When you’ve used up your £5 just repeat step 1.

Call Spanish landlines for 1p a minute – mobiles for 3p

With Planet Numbers, you can use any phone, on any network to make super-cheap calls to Spain. Calls to a landline cost 1p a minute, all day every day, plus a 5p connection charge. Calls to mobiles cost just 3p, all day every day, plus the 5p connection charge.

How our ‘pay by phone’ service works

To buy £5 of international calling credit, simply call  090 4446 4446 from any UK phone. You’ll hear a quick thank you message, along with your unique PIN which is ready to use instantly!

To make an international call, you just dial 0161 328 7777, then enter your PIN and your full Spain number, including 00. See below for a list of local dialling codes.

There’s a 5p connection charge per call but the cost of calling our 0161 access number will normally be covered by your regular ‘minutes’ allowance. Please check with your phone provider if you’re unsure.

Here’s the clever bit

If you’re using the same number to call as you did to buy your calling credit, you won’t need to remember your PIN, thanks to our clever CLI recognition system!

Be careful not to press your phone’s Call button more than once or you might get charged for the call twice. You have a full 60 days to use your £5 credit. After this time you will lose any remaining credit and your PIN will no longer work. Please note that WE NEVER AUTOMATICALLY RENEW your phone card.

To add another £5, simply call 090 4446 4446 as before.

If the line’s engaged, hang up!

If the international number you want to chat to is engaged, or nobody answers, hang up. Your network supplier may charge you for the call to our 0161 line even if you don’t complete the international call. Most mobile users will be covered by their regular monthly minutes allowance, of course.

Make Cheap Calls to Spain with our 1p a minute instant access number

(Call direct with BT and you'd pay a whopping 76p a minute!)

  • Ultra-cheap calls to Spain
  • We charge just 1p a minute to call Spain – any time, any day
  • Simply dial 0843 715 7777 + 0034 + the local number
  • Works from any UK landline or mobile
  • No need to register and no PINs to remember
  • Calls to Landlines:

    0843 715 7777

    (plus your phone company’s access charge)

  • Calls to Mobiles:

    0843 718 7777

    (plus your phone company’s access charge)

  • Have calls included in your phone plan?

    Call 100s of countries FREE

    Find out more here.

Cheap calls to Spain

It really couldn’t be simpler to save yourself a fortune on your overseas calls to Spain. With Planet Numbers’ International Call Saver service, all you have to do is dial a special international access number immediately before you dial your normal overseas number. In this case, after dialling our access number you would simply key in your normal number in Spain (ie you need to key in the full international dial code, not forgetting the zero zero at the start of the number).

This means that your call to Spain is now handled by Planet Numbers, instead of your usual provider, and therefore the call will be charged to you at only 1p a minute, regardless of when you call or where in Spain you’re calling. So, in a nutshell, to start making cheaper calls to Spain, instead of just dialling the Spanish number directly, you call 0843 715 7777 first (this is the access number).

Once connected to Planet Numbers you’ll hear a second dial tone. Now dial the full Spanish phone number you wish to reach - don’t forget you need to start with 0034 as usual. For example, to call a number in Barcelona, you would dial 0034 + the local number.

To end your call, hang up in the usual manner. And if you’d like to make another international call, just redial 0843 715 7777 first. Simple.

Please note: our current super-cheap per minute rate to Spain of 1p is a fixed rate when you’re calling from a BT landline to an Spanish landline. The cost of calling Spain from your mobile phone may vary but currently can be as little as 1p a minute. Click on the links at the top of the page to find out more about calling Spain from a mobile.

Save a massive 75p per minute vs BT

The call will appear on your bill in the normal way, but the number dialed will show as 0843 715 7777. More importantly, instead of paying 76p per minute to call Spain via BT, you’ll simply have paid 1p a minute … all day, every day.

No sign-up or registration required – try it right now!

When you use Planet Numbers’ international call saver service to call Spain from your landline, you’ll simply pay 1p a minute, all day every day.

If you’d made exactly the same call, for exactly the same length of time, using BT’s international sevice instead of ours, you’d end up paying 76p per minute! In other words, by using Planet Numbers you’ll save yourself a massive 75p every single minute you’re on the phone to Spain!

No sign-up or registration required to use the service – try it right now and save ££s

You don’t need to register for Planet Numbers International Call Saver service, and there are no passwords, codes or PINs to remember. All you have to do is make a note of the special access number that you need to dial in order to make these super-savings from any UK landline when you call Spain: 0843 715 7777.

Call costs to Spain that are just too good to be true?

It sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? Perhaps you’re thinking “Where’s the catch? How can I call Spain for so little when other phone networks charge me so much?” Well, there isn’t one!

We can charge you just 1p a minute for every call you make to Spain (plus your phone provider’s access charge) simply by diverting your call via our own network and therefore not having to pay for the use of BT’s international phone system.

Planet Numbers International Call Saver service even works when international call barring is activated on your phone – which is why you can use us to call Spain from a phone box too. When you call Spain using Planet Number, the phone thinks you’re dialling a UK number … which indeed you are - the Planet Numbers access number. The phone doesn’t need to know that you’re dialling an international number immediately after!

How will the Planet Numbers call to Spain appear on my next phone bill?

When you use Planet Numbers to make a super cheap call to a landline, or mobile, in Spain, the call will, of course, appear on your phone bill. But instead of appearing as an international call (in this case, to Spain) the international call will simply be shown as the Planet Numbers UK access number.

So instead of the familiar number in Spain appearing, you’ll simply see 0843 715 7777. It’s always a good idea to make a note of the Planet Numbers access number for calling Spain so that when your bill arrives you, or whoever looks after the payment of your bill, recognises the call. One thing is for certain, however, you’ll be sure to appreciate how tiny the cost of calling Spain has become – especially if you’re used to seeing the price of an international call to Spain from the likes of BT!

Make cheap calls TO Spanish mobiles – just 3p a minute (plus your phone provider’s access charge)

You can make incredibly cheap calls to Spanish mobile phones from any UK landline using Planet Numbers International Calls Service. You simply dial 0843 718 7777, followed by the full Spanish mobile number that you wish to call, starting 0034 as usual.

Calls to Spanish mobiles using 0843 718 7777 are charged at just 3p per minute at all times (plus your phone provider’s access charge).

Spain Local Phone Codes

Area NameArea Code
Aguilas(0034) + 968
Albacete(0034) + 967
Alcira(0034) + 96
Alcoy(0034) + 96
Algeciras(0034) + 956
Alicante(0034) + 96
Almeria(0034) + 950
Arrecife(0034) + 928
Avila(0034) + 920
Aviles(0034) + 98
Badajoz(0034) + 824, 924
Badalona(0034) + 93
Barcelona(0034) + 931-938
Benidorm(0034) + 96
Bilbao(0034) + 94
Burgos(0034) + 947
Caceres(0034) + 927
Cadiz(0034) + 856, 956
Cartagena(0034) + 968
Castellon de la Plana(0034) + 964
Ceuta(0034) + 956
Ciudad Real(0034) + 926
Cordoba(0034) + 957
Cuenca(0034) + 969
Gandia(0034) + 96
Gerona(0034) + 872, 972
Gijon(0034) + 98
Granada(0034) + 858, 958
Guadalajara(0034) + 949
Huelva(0034) + 959
Ibiza(0034) + 971
Irun(0034) + 943
Jaen(0034) + 953
Jerez de la Frontera(0034) + 956
La Coruna(0034) + 881, 981
Lanzarote(0034) + 928
Las Palmas(0034) + 828, 928
Lerida(0034) + 873, 973
Leon(0034) + 987
Linares(0034) + 953
Logrono(0034) + 941
Lorca (Marcia)(0034) + 968
Lugo(0034) + 982
Madrid(0034) + 911, 912, 914, 916-918
Mahon(0034) + 971
Marbella(0034) + 95
Marjorca(0034) + 971
Merida(0034) + 924
Mobile(0034) + 6, 700, 704
Murcia(0034) + 868, 968
Malaga(0034) + 951, 952
Orense(0034) + 988
Oviedo(0034) + 98
Palencia(0034) + 979
Palma de Mallorca(0034) + 971
Pamplona(0034) + 948
Pontevedra(0034) + 886, 986
Reus(0034) + 977
Sabadell(0034) + 93
Sagunto(0034) + 96
Salamanca(0034) + 923
San Feliu de Llobregat(0034) + 93
San Sebastian(0034) + 943
Santa Cruz de Tenerife(0034) + 922
Santander(0034) + 942
Santiago de Compostela(0034) + 981
Segovia(0034) + 921
Sevilla(0034) + 954, 955
Tarragona(0034) + 877, 977
Tarrasa(0034) + 93
Tenerife(0034) + 822, 922
Teruel(0034) + 978
Toledo(0034) + 925
Torremolinos(0034) + 95
Tortosa(0034) + 977
Valencia(0034) + 960-963, 965, 966
Valladolid(0034) + 983
Vigo(0034) + 986
Vitoria(0034) + 945
Zamora(0034) + 980
Zaragoza(0034) + 876, 976

Any calls to Spain using our numbers will be billed by your usual telephone service provider to the account holder for that line. Please obtain permission from that account holder before using our service. Calls are charged from the time you are connected to our service. For a BT line the rates are available on their website, other service providers may charge a higher rate, please contact your service provider for further details. We reserve the right to terminate any call if we consider it is being made unlawfully or fraudulently. The service is subject to availability.

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Read the small print

The Small Print

You can use our phone card service if you’re under 18 but please get the bill payers permission first.

Calls to 090 4446 4446 are charged at £5.00 plus your your service provider’s access charge and will be billed by them to the account holder for that line.

Always make sure you have the bill payer’s permission before you use this service. We will credit you with calling credit (as per our tariff) and issue a PIN to that value with a UK geographic landline telephone number to access the service. Please note that all PINs and credit will expire 60 days from date of original purchase (For top up by phone service only - credit does not expire for customers that create an account).

Calls to the UK geographical landline number (0161 328 7777) will be charged as per your usual mobile or landline price plan to a UK geographical landline, or may be part of your monthly inclusive minutes allowance. Please check with your service provider to confirm this.

Calls are charged by the minute and subject to a 5p connection charge on all calls (all quoted prices are inclusive of VAT, and apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when using the 01 access number). Rates are effective from 18th October 2017 and may be subject to change without notice. A maximum purchase of £15 per day per telephone number applies. We reserve the right to terminate any call if we consider it is being made unlawfully or fraudulently and also to suspend any pins that we feel have been purchased fraudulently. In this case any outstanding calling credit will be cancelled and will not be refunded. The service is subject to availability. Prices are subject to change without warning. E&OE.