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With Planet Numbers you can make the cheapest international calls from your landline or your mobile - from just 1p a minute. You'll save yourself (or your business) a fortune in the process!

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Create an international calling account with Planet Numbers to make cheaper overseas calls from any UK phone.

Creating your account

Simply complete our customer registration form or login if you've registered already.

  • Calls to Landlines:

    From 1p/min

  • Calls to Mobiles:

    From 1p/min

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PIN-Less Dialling:

Our revolutionary technology has removed the need for a PIN. Our new PIN-less dialling system means it’s never been easier to make an international call.

Once your account has been created, simply call one of the account recognition access numbers below:

  1. Landline access: 0161 328 7777
  2. 03 Access: 0333 370 3777
  3. Freephone access: 0800 021 9777

(Freephone Access Incurs a 1p/min surcharge from a landline and a 3p/minute surcharge from a mobile).

Charging information

  • Billing is in one minute increments, rounded up to the nearest minute.
  • There is a 5p connection fee for each call.
  • Your credit has no "use by" date. Top up now and use when you choose!


  • No SIM Cards.
  • No PINs to remember
  • Works from ANY UK phone
  • Prepaid Account, leaves you in control
  • No credit check
  • No Daily, Weekly or Monthly charges

All card payments are taken through the PayPal Payment Gateway. This means you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your payment is being handled securely and efficiently.

Super-cheap international calls from ANY UK phone

Pre-paying for your international calls needn't be complicated, that's why we've introduced our new 'pay by phone' service. You can top up your account in £5 increments by simply calling a single number - you'll then receive a unique PIN which you can use from any UK landline or mobile. Here's how it works:

  1. Dial 090 4446 4446. This call will cost you £5 plus your phone provider's access charge gives you £5.00 worth of international calls per our tariff.
  2. You'll hear a brief thank you message, along with your unique PIN number.
  3. Dial 0161 328 7777 followed by the PIN* and the international number starting with 00.
  4. When you've used up your £5, simply repeat step 1.

*When calling from the phone you topped up with, you don't need to use a PIN

  • Pay by phone:

    Call: 090 4446 4446

    Calls cost £5.00 + your phone provider's access charge

  • Calls to Landlines or mobiles:

    From 1p/min

Cheap international calls

  • Make incredibly cheap international calls from any UK phone
  • Talk from only 1p a minute plus your network provider’s access charge.
  • Up to 96% cheaper than calling direct
  • No prepayments, sign up or account needed
  • Works from any UK phone
  • Just dial our access code before your normal overseas number
  • Save a fortune!
  • Now even cheaper from your mobile.

Save yourself (or your business) a fortune

With Planet Numbers you can make unbelievably cheap international calls from your landline or mobile – from just 1p a minute. You’ll save yourself (or your business) a fortune in the process!

For example, you can call the USA for 1.5p a minute, any time, any day… compared with 46p from BT. You can call India for just 3p a minute from your mobile … saving 73p vs calling direct with BT.

You can call Germany for just 1p a minute… compared with 76p from BT. Or call Australia  and our charge is just 2p a minute – all day every day.

What’s more, it really couldn’t be easier to start saving. To use Planet Numbers’ International Call Saver service, choose your way of making calls from our tabbed selection above. You can find full instructions on the page for the country you want to call.

Up to 10 times cheaper than BT!

If you make a BT call to South Africa during a working day you’ll pay a massive 76p a minute. But with our International Call Saver service you now pay just 2p when you call with Planet Numbers – in other words, you’ll save 74p a minute vs a BT landline … that’s over 90% cheaper!

For more information, check our Cheap International Call FAQ.

To make a cheap international call now, just start typing the country that you wish to call in the box above and find out how quick and easy it is to save yourself a fortune.

Business Users

Looking for a bespoke solution to save money on your international calls?

Ideal for multinational companies, importers and exporters, companies with international suppliers, or any business making a high volume of international phone calls.

Find out more about our Business Accounts today!

What our customers say...

As in your instructions i just couldn’t believe it. I have been using this service for two years, to Thailand and Philippines. Never had to pay any charges except rate for call, 1p & 7p respectfully. Brilliant service, thank you.

Mick Greenland

Great service – switched after the demise of Alpha Telecom, and will be using from now on


By pure chance I thought I would search net see if there was a cheaper way of calling Barbados. Even with international dialing on my house phone was costing a fortune …. I was gob smacked when i found out I can call mobile to mobile from UK to Barbados less than half price from my land line. I am telling everyone i know about this service.

Wendy Holder
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