Brazil Toll Free and Virtual Phone Numbers

Offer your customers in Brazil a toll-free call to your business.

Available Countries

When the caller in Brazil dials your Planet Numbers toll free number her call is automatically (and instantly) redirected to whichever UK phone number you’ve chosen.

And you can change this “destination” number as often as you want, for free. So even if you move office or you simply want the calls redirected to another phone for a short period, your Brazilian toll free number stays the same.

Brazilian Virtual Phone Numbers

Instead of offering a local freefone number, you can now offer a genuine Brazilian local phone number for your Brazilian customers to call. They just pay their normal call rate to call it and you pay a small per minute charge to receive the call.

As with Toll Free numbers, you can choose any UK number to redirect the calls to, and change it as often as you like for free via your online Planet Numbers portal.

No extra lines to rent or equipment to buy

Rest assured that when you buy a Planet Numbers Toll Free or Virtual Phone number, there’s absolutely no requirement for extra phone lines or extra equipment whatsoever. We simply divert the incoming calls to an existing number of your choice. Your phone will continue to receive calls on its original number as usual as well as the incoming Brazilian toll free calls, and can be used to make outgoing calls as normal.

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What our Brazilian numbers will cost you

Toll Free Numbers

One-off Connection Fee £9.99
Monthly Service Charge £9.99
Incoming Call Cost 18p per minute at all times
(when routed to a UK landline)
21p per minute at all times
(when routed to a UK mobile)
Mobile Access Surcharge Limited mobile access

Virtual Phone Numbers

One-off Connection Fee £19.99
Monthly Service Charge £19.99
Incoming Call Cost 5p per minute at all times
(when routed to a UK landline)
8p per minute at all times
(when routed to a UK mobile)

There may be an additional cost for calls from mobiles to Toll-Free numbers. Please contact us if you would like to open mobile access on your Toll-Free number.
Remember: you can change the destination number as often as you like – free, via the online Planet Numbers Control Panel.

For further information or to place an order, please call us free on 0800 088 6039.

Choose a virtual phone number for these towns and cities:


Abreu E Lima 81

Almirante Tamandare 41

Alphaville 11

Alvorada 51

Americana 19

Aparecida De Goiania 62

Aquiraz 85

Araucaria 41

Aruja 11

Asa Norte 61


Barra Do Ribeiro 51

Barueri 11

Bauru 14

Belford Roxo 21

Belo Horizonte 31

Bertioga 13

Betim 31

Biguacu 48

Biritiba-Mirim 11

Brasilia 61


Cabo De Santo Agostinho 81

Cachoeirinha 51

Caieiras 11

Cajamar 11

Camacari 71

Camaragibe 81

Campinas 19

Campo Bom 51

Campo Grande 67

Campo Largo 41

Candeias 71

Canoas 51

Carapicuiba 11

Cariacica 27

Cascavel 85

Caucaia 85

Colombo 41

Contagem 31

Cotia 11

Cubatao 13

Curitiba 41


Diadema 11

Dias D'avila 71

Dois Irmaos 51

Duque De Caxias 21


Eldorado Do Sul 51

Embu 11

Embu-Guacu 11

Esmeraldas 31

Estancia Velha 51

Esteio 51


Ferraz De Vasconcelos 11

Florianopolis 48

Formosa 61

Fortaleza 85

Francisco Morato 11

Franco Da Rocha 11


Glorinha 51

Goiania 62

Governador Valadares 33

Gravatai 51

Guaiba 51

Guarapari 27

Guararema 11

Guaruja 13

Guarulhos 11


Horizonte 85

Hortolandia 19


Ibirite 31

Igarassu 81

Indaiatuba 19

Ipojuca 81

Itaborai 21

Itaguai 21

Itanhaem 13

Itaparica 71

Itapecerica Da Serra 11

Itapevi 11

Itaquaquecetuba 11

Ivoti 51


Jaboatao Dos Guararapes 81

Jandira 11

Japeri 21

Juquitiba 11


Lauro De Freitas 71


Madre De Deus 71

Mage 21

Mairipora 11

Maracanau 85

Marica 21

Maua 11

Mesquita 21

Mogi Das Cruzes 11

Mongagua 13

Montenegro 51


Nilopolis 21

Niteroi 21

Nova Iguacu 21

Nova Lima 31

Nova Odessa 19

Novo Hamburgo 51


Olinda 81

Osasco 11


Pacatuba 85

Palhoca 48

Paulinia 19

Paulista 81

Peruibe 13

Pinhais 41

Pirapora Do Bom Jesus 11

Planaltina 61

Poa 11

Portao 51

Porto Alegre 51

Praia Grande 13

Presidente Prudente 18


Queimados 21


Recife 81

Ribeirao Das Neves 31

Ribeirao Pires 11

Ribeirao Preto 16

Rio De Janeiro 21

Rio Grande Da Serra 11


Salesopolis 11

Salvador 71

Santa Barbara D'oeste 19

Santa Isabel 11

Santa Luzia 31

Santana De Parnaiba 11

Santo Andre 11

Santos 13

Sao Bernardo Do Campo 11

Sao Caetano Do Sul 11

Sao Goncalo 21

Sao Joao De Meriti 21

Sao Jose 48

Sao Jose Do Rio Preto 17

Sao Jose Dos Campos 12

Sao Jose Dos Pinhais 41

Sao Leopoldo 51

Sao Lourenco Da Mata 81

Sao Paulo 11

Sao Vicente 13

Sapiranga 51

Sapucaia Do Sul 51

Senador Canedo 62

Seropedica 21

Serra 27

Simoes Filho 71

Sorocaba 15

Sumare 19

Suzano 11


Taboao Da Serra 11

Trindade 62


Valinhos 19

Vargem Grande Paulista 11

Vera Cruz 71

Vespasiano 31

Viamao 51

Viana 27

Vila Velha 27

Vinhedo 19

Vitoria 27

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