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voip phone service

Why VoIP for business?

14th July 2018

You might have heard the term “VoIP” cited many times in business circles – and, once you educate yourself about the technology, the reasons for its popularity can become clearer. Forbes reports almost 40% of small businesses using VoIP instead of a traditional phone system. VoIP, meaning Voice over Internet Protocol, could yet further spread in […]

How much data does a VoIP call use?

How much data does a VoIP call use?

10th July 2018

Implementing a VoIP phone system can give your business much more flexibility in how it communicates with crucial contacts. Most users of our VoIP system see a minimum reduction of 75% in monthly phone costs, while you can assign virtual phone numbers to mobile handsets. This enables your personnel to keep in touch with clients […]

What are the disadvantages of VoIP?

What are the disadvantages of VoIP?

3rd July 2018

VoIP is technology enabling voice and video calls to be made over the Internet. Given that VoIP calls are, on most occasions, free if not still very inexpensive by Lifewire’s reckoning, it’s clear why millions of individuals and companies have opted for VoIP. However, whether your company already has a VoIP system or continues to […]

UK telephone number call costs guide

2nd July 2018

A snapshot guide to typical UK telephone call costs. Table of call costs by prefix Call charges for numbers starting 01, 02, 03, 05 and 07 and the Access Charge for numbers starting 084, 087, 09 and 118 are set entirely by the caller’s landline or mobile provider. Where a range of charges is shown for […]

voip phone service

A business buyer’s guide to VoIP

30th June 2018

For many businesses or possibly even all of them, forgoing a phone system isn’t palatable. After all, competition for new customers can be fierce, and a business phone system can help your company to present itself professionally when contacted by phone. However, for your company, there might remain a question mark over which type of […]

Non geographic numbers NGN

Why use a non-geographic number?

25th June 2018

Your opportunities to effectively promote your business to potential customers or clients emerge earlier than you might think. Even your choice of telephone number for the business can affect its ability to attract new custom. So, should you choose a geographic or non-geographic number? It’s worth emphasising the difference between the two. A geographic number […]

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How to grow your SME with cheap international calls

18th June 2018

Where are your SME’s next opportunities for growth? They are probably overseas, but you could face tough competition in your pursuit of them. According to recent research mentioned by Business Matters, some 1.3 million UK SMEs hope overseas markets will power their growth during the coming twelve months. These firms could better exploit these markets […]

pocket landline virtual numbers

Work on the move? Take your landline with you with a Pocket Landline

13th June 2018

We’re not actually suggesting you shove your bulky landline handset into your pocket. Pocket landlines are a great idea for business men and women who find they’re often working on the go and have limited or no office time.  With pocket landline numbers, you’ll get a local landline number that rings directly on your mobile. […]

Why should you upgrade to a VoIP phone system?

7th June 2018

Technology underpinning the business world can change rapidly, taking much of the business world itself with it. Therefore, if you aren’t careful to regularly update the technology on which your own company relies, you could get left behind. Your phone system can strongly come into play here. After all, it is through this phone system […]

5 ways a virtual assistant can help you work more productively

20th May 2018

If you have recently started running your own business, you could be excused for revising your previous definition of the word “busy”. Running various facets of that company can be punishing on a time-strapped schedule – and leave you wondering whether you should seek a little help. You could do exactly that by hiring a […]

How to create an effective inbound call strategy

10th May 2018

There was once a time when a business seeking to build sales leads would primarily – or only – use cold calling to this end. Cold calling has ancient roots – however, these days, it isn’t always considered to have been proven a meaningful success in attracting a loyal customer base. Hence, you should seriously […]

International Mothers Day 2018

1st May 2018

For those of you that missed out on celebrating Mother’s Day in the UK on the 11th of March, Don’t panic! You’ve been given another opportunity to tell your Mum just how much they mean to you. Sunday the 13th of May is International Mothers Day; if your Mum is abroad and you can’t be […]