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cheap international phone calls

What are the best ways to contact international clients?

5th November 2018

There’s no doubt that being able to put yourself in a room with your client is a productive way to conduct your business. Face-to-face interaction allows you to effectively communicate your business and brand directly to your client, while listening to and learning their needs and expectations. However, the opportunities provided by global communication technologies […]


Six reasons why your business should switch to SIP Trunking

26th October 2018

Fundamental to any business is the need to be flexible, proactive, and progressive as needs and circumstances change. A modern form of telephony making this dynamic management model more straightforward is SIP Trunking. A form of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, SIP allows users to send and receive telephone calls via an Internet Service […]

Business Voip Service

Four reasons to use VoIP exclusively for your business

18th October 2018

Cutting down on expenditure while managing and expanding a growing business isn’t easy. Time, cost and energy are obviously essential commodities, but there are ways to increase efficiency, while reducing your outgoings. A simple way to do so is to consider a switch to a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony service. Using cloud-based software […]


SIP trunking: what every business should know

10th October 2018

In the fast-changing world of business, it’s crucial to embrace change – and your company’s telephone system might prove a worthy case in point. By now, you might already know that BT intends to axe its PSTN and ISDN networks by 2025, as IT Pronotes. This leaves open the question of which alternative phone system […]

professional voicemail

How to create a professional voicemail for your business

30th September 2018

If you are accustomed to communicating with business contacts by email more often than over the phone, you might have lost touch with the art of voicemail. This is even though your business phone system might let you easily set up voicemail – as our own phone services let you. However, by neglecting the voicemail […]

cheaper international phone calls

5 things to get right before you start selling internationally

21st September 2018

As your business grows from strength to strength, you could be buoyed with confidence – perhaps even enough to make that first proper step onto the international stage. That’s fine, but before you go through with that plan, you need to make sure that your specific strategy is viable. Overseas markets, especially those with which […]

voip phone service

How does VoIP help businesses?

18th September 2018

Close to 40% of small businesses have opted to switch to VoIP from conventional hardwired phone systems, while more than a fifth of small businesses rely on cloud-based VoIP. These statistics are reported from Forbes and aren’t hard to believe when you consider the business merits of VoIP. With a VoIP system in place, your […]

voip vs pstn and isdn

ISDN Switch Off

8th September 2018

Many businesses could suffer an inconvenient rupture in their communication operations if they fail to heed BT’s warning that its PSTN and ISDN networks will be switched off in 2025, leaving its IP network the sole option for businesses seeking a sleek and well-oiled modern phone system. Therefore, it is well-advised for businesses to act […]

Voip for Business

Should I install a VoIP phone system in a small business?

3rd September 2018

VoIP – otherwise known as Voice over Internet Protocol – services have risen in popularity among small businesses. The proportion of small businesses using VoIP systems rather than more traditional, hardwired systems for their telecommunications needs has neared the 40% mark. According to another statistic shared by Forbes, more than 20% of small businesses have […]

Moving to VOIP

A business buyer’s guide to VoIP

30th August 2018

For many businesses or possibly even all of them, forgoing a phone system isn’t palatable. After all, competition for new customers can be fierce, and a business phone system can help your company to present itself professionally when contacted by phone. However, for your company, there might remain a question mark over which type of […]

VOIP To replace ISDN and PSTN

When does ISDN finish?

25th August 2018

In 2015, BT revealed its intention to shut down its ISDN network by 2025. The company’s PSTN network is scheduled to go by this time, too – and, for these reasons, companies still using either of these networks for their phone systems are being urged to switch to more modern solutions. However, a closer look […]

SIP Trunks for business

What is SIP trunking and how might it help my business?

20th August 2018

You may have read about many benefits of switching your business phone system to a completely online-based VoIP service. You might, for example, have learned of the considerable cost savings – which, for most users of our VoIP service, touch or exceed 75%. The advertised flexibility of a VoIP system in comparison to a PBX-based […]