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Virtual Geographic Numbers

Why Virtual Geographic Numbers are the ‘Next Big Thing’

20th October 2020

Oddly enough, there are always going to be trends in the numbers that businesses set for their call centres. Believe us – we’ve seen them all come and go over the years! For example, the 0845 number boom is firmly back in the 90s now – and there’s a new trend in flexible number setup More…

Overflow call answering service

Need a New Business Number? Boost Your Marketing and Claim 14 Days of Call Answering FREE

15th October 2020

No matter the size of your business, and no matter what you do, marketing is everything. It’s simply not enough to just do a great job! You need to show the world who you are, what you do, and why you do it. Otherwise, you are going to risk never getting seen at all. This More…

Planet Numbers

Could a Call Answering Service Save You Money?

7th October 2020

When running a small to medium business, saving money is everything – next to making money, in any case. To be able to survive from quarter to quarter, you are always going to need to be smart about the money you spend, alongside the money that you make. Therefore, why not consider taking a closer More…

Find Out Which Adverts Work Best for Your Business with Call Analytics

1st October 2020

If there’s anything that all business owners and entrepreneurs have in common, it’s the need to number crunch and draw on data. Data is absolutely everywhere! However, it’s not the nuisance that many people might make it out to be. In fact, without data, we wouldn’t be able to make strong budgeting or business decisions. More…

IP telephone device

Business Grade VoIP: Remote Working Made Simple!

23rd September 2020

For all that 2020 has presented a series of challenges for just about everyone, there are more than a few good moments we can take from these past few months. Employment has changed massively – to the extent that, in order to stay safe, many people have had to start working from home. This has More…

Isn’t It Time You Had a Telecoms Audit?

14th September 2020

If there’s one thing that all businesses are reliant on in the modern age, it’s technology. If there’s another thing, it’s technology. Therefore, it stands to reason that to offer your customers and clients the best possible service and care, you should have a fantastic communications setup in place. But how do you know if More…

call answering service

Beyond Borders: How an International Phone Number Helps Your Growing Business

8th September 2020

Make sure you are properly equipped for your business expansion with the right communication channel. Learn how to benefit from an international phone number.

virtual phone numbers

Why Use a Virtual Number for Your Business?

4th September 2020

When running a business, one of the best things you can do to make sure you are reaching out to local customers is to have a local phone number. In years gone by, this has meant business owners having to set up offices in towns and cities to reach out to specific audiences. As you More…

number portability

What Are Overflow Calls: And Why Might You Need to Manage Them?

26th August 2020

If you’re in the process of growing your business, chances are, you’re going to want – and need – to answer as many different enquiries and concerns as possible. After all, every enquiry offers a potential revenue stream! Therefore, if your call centre isn’t already able to process and filter through all of the calls More…

emergency call routing

Do You Have Emergency Call Routing Solutions in Place?

20th August 2020

When running a business in the modern age, it stands to reason that you should always have a few backup solutions in place. After all, your clients and customers are going to demand that you offer a fantastic service around the clock! This is all well and good, but what happens if you happen across More…

The Cost of Calling: Why Businesses Use 0333 Numbers

13th August 2020

As technology continues to evolve, it’s typical to think that some forms of communication are obsolete. With digital platforms providing spaces for engagement, the relevance of phone calls is called into question. To some extent, phone calls are no longer sufficient. But it doesn’t mean you should get rid of your landline completely.Even in the More…

working at home with voip

0333 Numbers: A Business-Friendly Contact Number

13th August 2020

Communication is critical for any business, whether you are an SME or a well-established company. As you move to the digital landscape, there are several new platforms and channels open to you. These provide you with options to communicate directly with your potential and existing customers. But these digital options don’t indicate that phone calls More…