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cheaper international calls

The staggering cost difference between standard international calls and business accounts

15th June 2019

If your business has significantly expanded its reach overseas, or at least aims to, you have probably become accustomed to eye-watering charges simply for calling workers, customers or clients from the UK to another country. Those costs could eat heavily into an already tight corporate budget. As points out, a BT customer phoning Australia could More…


The interesting psychology behind memorable phone numbers

10th June 2019

What phone numbers do you remember? You could be surprised. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, phoning a number is often just a matter of tapping a name on a screen rather than manually typing those digits – but, as an organisation, you still need a memorable phone number. That’s because it can help More…

cheap international calls for business

How to prepare your staff for communicating internationally

3rd June 2019

There’s an entire world out there for your business to communicate with, so it makes sense that, when your company seeks to attract more custom and recruit extra staff, it should look abroad. However, for your staff, actually attempting to communicate with overseas parties can carry a myriad of implications which essentially jettison your chances More…

Buy a phone number for your business

28th May 2019

Getting the right phone number is a really important element in how your business appears to your customers and clients. If you’re looking to mainly operate locally, you might not want to advertise with an 0800 or an 03 number as non-geographic numbers conceal the fact that your business is local. It really depends on More…

How to enhance customer experience without forking out extra cash

27th May 2019

These days, attaining a high standard of customer experience can feel like the holy grail for a company – especially as competition tightens and so customer experience starts to look like the only viable point of differentiation. Still, what if you have exhausted your customer service budget? The good news is that you don’t strictly More…

customer surveys

How to create an effective customer feedback survey

22nd May 2019

If you want your company’s future direction to be well-informed, it makes sense for you to put together a customer feedback survey. A survey of this type can collect a range of useful information – including your customers’ genuine thoughts as well as where you can enhance your offering. Furthermore, firms conducting such surveys are More…

answering service

How an answering service helps you plan your working day effectively

17th May 2019

Here’s an interesting question: how much time do you put into running your business? Perhaps you actually thrive on being a workaholic and getting by on little sleep – as certain historical figures, including Winston Churchill and Napoleon Bonaparte, have reportedly done. Still, no matter how many working hours you like to squeeze into your More…

Can you make international calls for free

Can you make international calls for free?

16th May 2019

When it comes to chatting with friends and family or making important business calls with clients from overseas, phone bills can quickly add up. Here at Planet Numbers we have a simple way of making free international phone calls without a catch, so you can keep in contact with loved ones at no cost. How More…

call answering service

Holiday checklist: 5 steps that ensure everything runs smoothly while you’re away

12th May 2019

Running a business can feel understandably intense at times, which is why it is imperative for you to occasionally step away from it to reduce your stress and refresh your view of the business. However, that getaway at the beach or pool could end up doing surprisingly little to keep your jitters at bay. This More…

dealing with customer complaints

Crucial steps for effectively dealing with customer complaints

7th May 2019

It’s never pleasant to be on the receiving end of a customer complaint – and even just one disgruntled customer can have an adverse ripple effect on a business. Just imagine that customer telling friends or, worse, the world – through an online review – about their bad experience. Therefore, when you do receive a More…

call answering service

5 ways a business answering service can instantly save you time

2nd May 2019

In an ideal world, you or your staff would take every phone call that comes your firm’s way. However, you are hardly an octopus capable of simply extending your tentacles here, there and everywhere. That’s why, for your firm, a phone answering service can prove practically essential. Still, even if you currently have alternative arrangements More…

how to get a virtual phone number

How to get a virtual phone number

25th April 2019

With technology advancing at such a rapid pace, many businesses want to keep up to date with the latest equipment so they can make sure they are being as efficient as possible. That’s why many are giving up their traditional ISDN phone lines and adopting virtual phone numbers instead. It’s not so much that traditional More…