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Cheap International Calls

How To Make Cheap International Calls In 3 Easy Steps

9th November 2017

How to make cheap international calls? Here are the 3 easy steps that you can follow to make cheap international calls, from either your landline or mobile. Create an account with Planet Numbers by clicking here. Top-up a prepaid balance by logging in. Simply dial our local rate access number, 0161 328 7777, followed by […]

How to save even more money when travelling alone

How to save even more money when travelling alone

26th October 2017

If you run an international business and have clients around the world, then the chances are that you’ll have to travel alone. Doing so can be expensive, what with the increasing cost of airfares, hotels and food, but there are ways to save money. We’ve rounded up a few below. Book your travel in advance […]

how much do calls to 03 numbers cost

Does it really cost 55p a minute to call an 03 number?

24th October 2017

There’s been a lot of controversy regarding 0345 numbers in the news recently – after Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn slammed the prime minister for utilising a number that would charge people 55p a minute to call the Universal Credit helpline (0345 600 0273). While Theresa May has now stated that the helpline will be […]

Mobile phone overcharging

Millions overcharged for mobile phones that they have already paid for

24th October 2017

A recent report by Citizens Advice has found that at least six million people are still being billed for their handset with their mobile phone provider, even after they have paid the full amount of monies owed for their mobile phone. These customers are unaware that they only need to pay for their calls, texts, […]

5 ways to increase the exposure of your business

18th October 2017

Do you want to find more customers? Is your business struggling to compete against online rivals and discounters? It can often feel as though you’re fighting a losing battle when you spend money advertising your business. Whether you post an advert in the local newspaper or you use Google AdWords, it can be tough to […]

4 top tips to make sure you’re getting the most from your telephone number

17th October 2017

So, you’ve just bought your new telephone number and you’re wondering why the calls haven’t come flooding in just yet. Chances are that you’re simply just not advertising the number to the full extent that you could be. Follow our top tips to make full use of your business telephone number: Advertise the number on […]

Watch your business grow with a 0800 number

Watch your business grow with a 0800 number

16th October 2017

When you run a customer-facing business and want to improve your customer service, it’s essential that you’re at the top of your game. 0800 numbers have been around for more than thirty years, and are one of the most popular extensions for businesses looking to offer “free” customer service to their clients and patrons. Below, […]

5 tips to retain your customers

5 tips to retain your customers

13th October 2017

When starting your first business, you may think the most difficult task you’ll face is finding customers. However, retaining customers can be just as difficult – and, in many cases, even more challenging. Below, we’ve rounded up five ways to keep them on your side. 1. Offer the best service It sounds obvious, but offering […]

How can your business benefit from international calls

How can your business benefit from international calls?

19th September 2017

The day-to-day running of any business can be a challenge. Motivating staff, completing orders, marketing new products and managing cash flow are all factors that you need to consider – and that’s without mentioning calling clients and business contacts. Below, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about international calls, and how they can […]

5 ways you can stay safe when travelling alone

5 ways you can stay safe when travelling alone

17th September 2017

Travelling on your own can be an exciting and exhilarating feeling. Whether you’re backpacking in Thailand or you’re sightseeing in the United States, going it alone gives you the freedom and opportunity to explore at your own pace – but it’s not without risks. Below, we’ve put together five ways that you can stay safe. […]

0800 numbers

Who’s the best provider for 0800 numbers?

8th September 2017

0800  freephone numbers have become increasingly popular over recent years, and the clue as to why is in the name – they are completely free to call from both UK landline and mobiles. An 0800 number gives your business an increased presence, with potential customers preferring to make an enquiry via a free to call […]

Free Telecoms Audit

Our free telecoms audit could save your business money

29th August 2017

How can you find out if your company is paying too much for its phones and calls? Well, we have the answer for you… Here at Planet Numbers, we’re pleased to announce our new Free Telecoms Audit service.  The chances are that your business is paying over the odds, and you can save serious money […]