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Facebook Heads Towards 2 Billion Monthly Users

24th May 2017

According to Facebook’s latest results, their profits have increased in the first three months of 2017. It’s not surprising when you consider the number of monthly users has escalated to 1.94 billion people – 1.3 billion of which check their account on a daily basis. With greater access to the internet, most of Facebook’s new […]

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Ready to go global?

22nd May 2017

Who are you marketing to? That’s the big question on everyone’s lips today, how big can your customer base really get? The goal of today’s blog is to show how you can receive calls from all around the world. I’m referring of course to our international numbers. With a Planet Numbers international number you can have a […]

How to Deal with Overseas Clients

26th April 2017

If you’re looking to expand your business internationally, or if you already have done, there are a number of considerations you should take on board. Consider cultural sensitivity when responding to their needs Working with international clients brings diversity to your portfolio, but when replying to emails, telephone calls or taking part in conference calls, […]

Digital Adverts – But Not As You Know Them

20th April 2017

Digital adverts can now be found in towns and cities throughout the world, but holographic adverts? They’ve always been the preserve of science fiction… until now. Beam me up Scotty Tech start-up Lightvert have trialled technology in London which can produce digital images that appear to be 200m high and floating in mid air. The […]

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5 Tips for Expanding Your Business Internationally

19th April 2017

If you’re thinking about expanding your business to overseas markets then you should take on board some important tips to ensure you’re successful. Work out how your business model will translate There are a number of different ways that a business can expand internationally including exporting, importing, joint ventures, licensing and production off-shore. It doesn’t […]

Samsung’s Biggest Release Since Exploding Note 7

4th April 2017

Samsung has revealed two new handsets, the S8 and S8+. With smaller bodies, an increase in screen size and a new virtual assistant, Samsung is no doubt hoping its new flagship handsets are somewhat more of a success than their exploding Note 7. Why did the Note 7 explode? Samsung experienced catastrophic problems with their […]

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Oops, NASA Made a Mistake

28th March 2017

Everyone makes mistakes, but you wouldn’t expect it from the worlds best scientists! A rather smart 17 year old school boy from Sheffield found a mistake in Nasa’s data recently. During an A Level Physics lesson, Miles spotted a discrepancy amongst the data from the radiation sensors on the International Space Station (ISS). Missed by […]

The New Lip Reading Super-Computer!

21st March 2017

Oxford Scientists have invented an incredible artificial intelligence system that can allegedly lip read more accurately than highly trained humans. Watch, Attend and Spell When tested, ‘Watch, Attend and Spell’ as the system has become known, can accurately pinpoint around 50% of words from silent clips – now, this may sound a little underwhelm-ing, however, […]

Big News for Broadband Deals!

14th March 2017

Openreach, or BT Openreach, is to become an entirely independent entity thanks to demands made by Ofcom. Openreach is responsible for installing, maintaining and improving the UK’s broadband infrastructure including fibre connections, ducts and pipes, before selling connectivity to the likes of BT and Sky. Whilst in theory Openreach is currently independent, it is still […]


6 Reasons Why Call Queuing Is Important for Your Business

28th February 2017

A call queuing service is important to your business for a number of reasons – from allowing you to better manage the ebb and flow of customer calls to providing an opportunity to engage with them. Read on to find out how a call queuing system could help you. Gives a good first impression First […]

The End Of Mobile Coverage Blackspots?

28th February 2017

Mobile giant EE has demonstrated technology that could boost coverage in rural areas, as well as eliminating downtime whilst existing infrastructure suffers damage or undergoes routine maintenance. Up, up and away The proposed technology consists of helium balloons and drones, fitted with small mobile sites including a base station and antenna and EE has announced […]

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100 Price Drops for Doris

28th February 2017

Well it would seem that little old Doris can pack a mighty punch, with winds hitting a whopping 94mph, followed by rain and snow to boot. Many homes and businesses were left without power but most of us are back up and running now and no doubt ready to take advantage of our incredible international […]