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Pinless is Painless!

19th September 2015

Since we announced our new pinless account service for making international calls back in August the take up has been phenomenal. Both individuals and businesses throughout Great Britain have been taking advantage of this easy way to make cheap international calls and the feedback has been outstanding. If you haven’t already signed up for a […]

Political Canditates

If PN Were a Political Candidate, We’d Surely Win With These 176 Price Drops!

11th September 2015

In recent weeks we’ve seen the race for the Labour leadership hot up as all four of the charismatic individuals have worked hard to convince the electorate they’re the person for the job in order to win those all important precious votes. As this has been going on, we’ve been working even harder* to bring […]

International Calling Account

The New Exciting Way To Save You Money!

3rd August 2015

We’ve done it again! Not content with offering great deals on international calls, we’re always striving to think of new and exciting ideas to bring your costs down even further and this month is no exception! As you may have read in our recent updates, from 1st July 2015 OFCOM changed the way that calls […]

45 Price Drops

45 Price Drops From Planet Numbers!

22nd July 2015

It’s been an interesting few weeks in the stock markets recently. With the uncertainty surrounding Greece making many investors nervous and George Osbourne’s address to the country eagerly awaited by many, the FTSE 100 has been a tad twitchy! Luckily though, everything appears to be settling down for now, with the GBP up against both […]

Eid al Fitr

Celebrate the End of Ramadan With Planet Numbers

15th July 2015

For those of you who don’t know, Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic lunar calendar and is considered the holiest month by Muslims across the world; during these 4 weeks Muslims abstain from eating or drinking from dawn until dusk. To celebrate Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan by hosting a […]


Yet more savings from Planet Numbers

2nd July 2015

What a great few weeks it’s been recently, not only is the weather getting better, but so is the outlook for all UK callers too! Here at Planet Numbers we’ve managed to further reduce the rates on a huge selection of our international call destinations, plus Ofcom have now introduced the new rules that we’ve […]


‘UK Calling’ – Ofcom Regulation Change Update

22nd June 2015

Back in April we explained that Ofcom were making some important changes to the way consumers will be charged for calling 08 numbers from within the UK. These changes are coming into effect on the 1st July 2015 so to make it a little clearer for everyone, we thought we’d try and explain these changes […]

UK Call Charges for NGNs

Phone Operators Access Charges – from 1st July 2015

9th June 2015

From July 1st 2015, calls to 084, 087, 09 and 118 numbers will be made up of an Access Charge (the charge made by the phone company you make your phone calls with) and a Service Charge (this is the charge collected by your phone company and is passed to the service provider of the NGN you’re calling – for example, Planet Numbers).

Planet Numbers Launch New International Conference Calling Service

4th June 2015

Loving our great international call rates but looking to make cheap international conference calls too? We’ve just launched our new international conference call service which allows you and up to 14 others to simultaneously take advantage of super-low call rates whilst talking business on a secure, high quality line. It’s really simple too; just three easy steps… […]


17 Interesting Facts About Mobile Phones

4th June 2015

1.The first mobile phone call was made over 40 years ago by Martin Cooper, on 3rd April 1973. 2. In 1983 the first mobiles cost around £2,300!  Makes a Apple iPhone seem cheap! 3. Did you know, modern mobile phones have more computing power than the computers used for the Apollo moon landing? 4. According to estimates, Apple sold more than 80,000 […]


Important changes to the way calls to 08xx numbers are being charged

29th May 2015

From 1st July this year the way calls to 08xx numbers are charged is changing. “The new system will introduce greater confidence by enabling organisations to say how much calls to them will cost.” – Ofcom The cost of calling a service number (starting 08xx) will be made up of two clear parts: An access charge. […]

we did it again

We’ve done it again!

20th May 2015

We’ve done it again! Last month we introduced our new pre-paid ‘phone card’ packages, in bundles of £2, £5, £10 and £25. The service has been a resounding success, with more and more people taking advantage of our outstanding rates. Just because we’ve introduced this brilliant new way of making international calls doesn’t mean you […]