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Who provides the best VoIP in the UK right now?

Best VoIP Provider in the UK in 2023: Who’s the Winner?

8th August 2023

With BT about to make traditional business phone calls a thing of the past, there’s little wonder why so many of us are looking for the best VoIP provider in the UK. But what is the VoIP buzz all about? Hosted voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is changing how businesses connect and communicate. Instead of More…

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7 Benefits of Virtual Numbers for Rank and Rent SEO Websites

28th April 2023

As the digital marketing landscape moves and changes, SEO professionals and website owners are constantly looking for new strategies to gain an edge over their competition. A notable and effective yet underutilised tool for enhancing SEO is the use of virtual numbers. These are telephone numbers that are not tied to a specific location or More…

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WhatsApp for Customer Service: 6 Great Ways to Maximise Your Outreach

27th April 2023

If you’re based in the UK, there’s a good chance you’ll already have heard of WhatsApp. The hugely popular instant messaging app has already taken the country by storm – after all, it’s free to communicate with family and friends, provided you have a data connection! But did you know that you can communicate with More…

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Now Really is the Time to Move Your Business to VoIP

16th April 2023

If you’re growing your business and are considering ways through which you can enhance the efficiency and scope of your voice communications, you may well have considered moving to VoIP. There are plenty of great reasons why you should! While PSTN and traditional telephony have served us well over the years, the world has moved More…

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Are SMBs Ready for the PSTN Switch Off? Statistics Say… Probably Not

22nd February 2023

The big 2025 PSTN switch-off is just around the corner. It’s less than two years away, which means small to medium businesses need to prioritise moving communications over to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) as soon as possible. However, a survey undertaken by Spitfire Network Services suggests that the majority of British SMBs are far More…

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What is Mobile VoIP?

12th January 2023

We’re all evolving to be a little more flexible. In the post-pandemic world, millions of us are working from home and out in the field. There are tons of benefits! However, you’re going to need a local VoIP provider to help your agents stay connected to home base. The fact is, traditional telephony isn’t cutting More…

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What are the Requirements for VoIP?

23rd December 2022

We live in a world where everyone is connected all of the time. Most of us are constantly on our devices, talking with friends and family and conducting business. And, with more ways than ever of communicating, there is nothing more infuriating than when we can’t get through to someone! This means that we expect More…

How is VoIP Changing the Telecoms Game?

What Are 03 Numbers – And Why Might You Need Them?

18th November 2022

In recent years, you’ve probably seen quite a few companies launch numbers starting with 03. There was a big rebellion against 08 numbers in the 10s – where everyday people and business owners found that they were spending far too much on premium rate lines. 03 numbers emerged as a fantastic way to save money More…

Cheap International Calls: Prepaid Phone Services vs Free Mobile Apps

7th November 2022

Everyone’s looking to save money on international calls these days and for good reason! Individuals and business owners alike can save serious pennies by using prepaid phone services or free mobile apps to drive down the costs of connecting overseas. But, which option works best for you? If you want to make cheap international calls More…

Pandemic-Proof Your Business with VoIP

Cheap International Calls: How Do They Work for Individuals?

26th October 2022

The cost of calling loved ones abroad is still, sadly, very expensive. In the day and age of online calls, it’s hard to believe that mobile carriers and landline operators still expect us to pay through the nose to speak to someone overseas for a few minutes. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have More…

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Cheap International Calls: How Do They Work for Businesses?

19th October 2022

Even if you’re running a small business, you may find that you’re starting to grow an audience overseas. While the rise of the internet has meant we’re all finding it easier to connect to each other across the miles, there’s always going to be the need for international calling. If you want to make cheap More…

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What Are International Toll Free Numbers?

10th October 2022

Have you ever tried calling a business number from abroad, only to find enormous charges on your next phone bill? If you’re helping customers from overseas, imagine how they feel when they have to call your UK 0800 number! International toll-free numbers allow international callers to reach you without paying a penny. This makes a More…