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UK telephone number call costs guide

24th July 2016

A snapshot guide to typical UK telephone call costs. Table of call costs by prefix * For those who are unable to call 101, every police force also offers an alternative 01, 02 or 03 number. See the list of alternative numbers. Service Charge details for 084, 087, 09 and 118 numbers Notes Deals with inclusive calls Inclusive […]

International Toll Free Numbers

International Toll Free Numbers

18th July 2016

Breaking down international barriers and selling in a foreign market is an exciting time for any business, but why penalise your overseas customers with crippling international call rates each time they need to give you a call? Super easy, super cheap Here at Planet Numbers we want to help make international business simpler, cheaper and […]

Call Queuing

Improve Your Customers’ Calling Experience with Call Queuing!

14th July 2016

Ring ring. Ring ring. Ring ring. No-one wants to make a call only to be met by an endless dial tone or a line busy tone. Show your customers you value each and every call and you look forward to hearing what they have to say as soon as your phone operators are free, with […]

FREE Incoming Calls for 0300 Numbers!

FREE Incoming Calls for 0300 Numbers!

7th July 2016

Incase you weren’t already aware, 0300 numbers are reserved exclusively for charities and government departments (including NHS, Police, etc.). This means people can instantly distinguish your charity from a profit-making organisation. Free to call Providing an 0300 number for your customers not only creates a professional and trustworthy appearance, but it’s also FREE to call! […]


Alpha Dial Numbers – It’s as easy as A, B, C!

27th June 2016

Remembering a combination of 11 or so numbers can be tricky, even if you’ve repeated them hundreds of times – so how can you expect your customers to remember what your contact number is? Spelling out a word with your numbers can make a number instantly memorable. Which of the following numbers do you think […]


A Business Owner’s Guide to International Calling

20th June 2016

If you have just set up a business that will heavily rely on making regular international calls, you might be wondering how your workers can make those calls at as little financial expense as possible. After all, international calling costs can look seriously daunting as they increasingly stack up! Here is a guide to how […]

Map of the World

Making International Calls FAQ

20th June 2016

If you’re inexperienced with making international calls but there is now a need for you to make them, whether for personal or business purposes, then you could be excused for feeling daunted. Maybe a lot of the terminology commonly attached to international calling instructions is leaving you feeling bewildered, or you’re simply finding those instructions […]

Virtual City numbers

Here, There and Everywhere with Virtual City Numbers!

16th June 2016

Modern business has evolved greatly from times gone by, and whilst services and commodities would have been highly localised in the 20th century, modern day companies often serve a national or even multinational customer base. The thing is, whilst national businesses can help bring prices down and provide a consistently great service, local numbers create […]

taying afloat when disaster strikes

Staying Afloat During an Emergency

10th June 2016

When disaster strikes it can seem like an uphill struggle to keep your business operating whilst keeping your customers happy. The question is, how can you safeguard your company against an unexpected natural disaster without breaking the bank? Blizzards aren’t good for business Over recent years we’ve seen severe flooding, destructive gale force winds, firework […]

Price Drops

We’ve Done it Again – 53 Price Drops!

9th June 2016

The weather’s getting hotter, the EU referendum is getting ever closer and to top it all off, Planet Numbers is proud to announce a whopping 53 price drops! The nation is facing one of the toughest and most important decisions since 1975; whether we remain in or leave the European Union. Luckily, here at Planet […]

Call Routing

Super Simple Call Routing Plans from Planet Numbers!

7th June 2016

When the phone rings you’ll want to answer it as promptly and professionally as possible, but what do you do if the member of staff who usually answers incoming calls isn’t at their desk? Introducing… Call Routing! We understand each business is different and we believe you shouldn’t have to change the way you do […]

First Impressions Count… Get Yours Right First Time!

27th May 2016

It’s well known that people create their opinion of someone within 7 seconds, and if you’ve given off the wrong impression you could find yourself on the back foot from the get-go. Create a positive first impression with the all-singing, all-dancing Call Intro service from Planet Numbers. Complete control Call Intro automatically plays a clear, […]