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How Inbound Calling Features Help Business

15th April 2019

Want to get the most out of your virtual phone number but not sure how? Here at Planet Numbers, we offer many inbound calling features that can help your business save money, while at the same time offering an improved customer journey. Intro messages Creating a great first impression is extremely important – people base More…

Be Amazed – 0800 numbers for just £9.99

12th April 2019

Get an 0800 number for just £9.99 When I’m talking to small businesses about their sales and marketing budgets I’m constantly amazed how many of them think that Freefone 0800 numbers are still an expensive no-no. So when I tell them that we provide 0800s for just £9.99 a month (and with no set-up or More…

memorable landline numbers

Why You Should Buy A Memorable Landline Number for Your Business

9th April 2019

You may well be wondering why you should buy a memorable landline number for your business when you could just have any random phone number and not pay a premium for it. Well, having a highly memorable number can end up being way more beneficial for your business – here’s why: Examples of memorable numbers More…

call tracking service

How Call Tracking Numbers Improves ROI

30th March 2019

Advertising is the number one way of boosting sales and brand awareness of your business to the public. But not all advertising is equal. That’s where Planet Numbers’ call tracking service steps in to help.  With call tracking you can see exactly where your enquiries are coming from and find out which media performs best, More…

Voip for business

Why the clock is ticking for the UK’s switch to VoIP

29th March 2019

Have you been considering switching your company’s phone system to VoIP? VoIP sends your calls via a cloud-based fibre optic internet network rather than via BT’s traditional copper wire and electricity network that has been the backbone of the UK’s phone network pretty much since phones were invented! There are a huge number of advantages More…

Receive Faxes as Emails

26th March 2019

Planet Numbers fax to email service allows your faxes to be received as email attachments so you are able to view or save them on your computer easily. Now when someone wants to send you a fax,  instead of having to own a fax machine, it can be sent straight to your email inbox, appearing More…

get a landline number for mobile

How to get a landline number for your mobile

19th March 2019

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to get a landline number for your mobile? With Planet Numbers’ virtual landline numbers, it is possible to do this. One of the great things about having a virtual number is that its not tied to any specific handset or phone line. You can have a landline phone More…

Call answering service

How much does a call answering service cost?

12th March 2019

How does it work? Here at Planet Numbers, we provide experienced, well trained staff that will remotely answer the phone for you when you’re unable to answer yourself.  We will answer your calls in your company name in a professional and friendly way, taking all the information you require such as callers name, phone number and More…

cheap international calls

Pros and Cons of taking your business international

10th March 2019

Taking your business international can be daunting, and there are many pros and cons to consider when taking the big step to grow your business on the world stage. Not only are there financial considerations to make, but personal ones too. What about your family? What about your employees? Do I understand how foreign markets More…

Business Call Answering

Foolproof ways to improve customer service

5th March 2019

As a business owner, you are probably thoroughly accustomed to hearing the advice that customer retention is cheaper than customer acquisition. This certainly holds true in e-commerce, where you may need to keep paying more for clicks and conversions. Still, you might remain none the wiser about how exactly to charm customers into making repeat More…

Porting NGN

Why port your existing numbers to Planet Numbers?

1st March 2019

Ofcom’s number portability agreement allows you to transfer your phone number to another service provider to get a better deal or service, just like switching your gas or electricity supplier. So if you have a non-geographical or even a regular 01 & 02 number from another service provider, you can port it to Planet Numbers More…

voip for business

Can VoIP really transform your business?

28th February 2019

As the decades and even centuries have passed, telecoms revolutions have come and gone, each one leaving an appreciably altered corporate landscape in its wake. Back in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone – and another big upheaval, VoIP, is already with us. Well, in a sense. While your own business might not More…