0333 Numbers: A Business-Friendly Contact Number

13th August 2020

Communication is critical for any business, whether you are an SME or a well-established company. As you move to the digital landscape, there are several new platforms and channels open to you. These provide you with options to communicate directly with your potential and existing customers.

But these digital options don’t indicate that phone calls are no longer needed. A phone conversation is still effective in providing curious customers with answers that might lead to transactions.

Make the most of this communication channel with the right contact number. As more customers choose to use their mobile phones and tablets over their landlines, they are more conscious of call charges. Traditional landline numbers often charge high for mobile calls. Fortunately, you may address this problem by using the 0333 number, an effective alternative to regular landline numbers. Find out why more businesses are switching to it.

What is a 0333 number?working at home with voip

A 0333 number is a non-geographic contact number that provides the user with a single point of contact throughout a given distance. It’s a cost-effective number to call for landline and mobile users. Businesses throughout the UK choose to use itfor convenience and affordability. Additionally, the 0333 number gives them a valuable channel to communicate with their potential and existing customers.

Why get a 0333 number?

Apart from affordability, acquiring a 0333 number has other benefits. If you’re still debating whether or not to get one for your business, the following reasons should help you decide.

Improve call routing.

As you scale up your business,you’ll likely end up with multiple branches of your store. A 0333 number gives you a single point of contact regardless of the volume of your stores. When your customer calls this number, they are connected immediately to your customer service team, and eventually rerouted to the branch nearest them. In case an emergency puts a store out of commission, your customers’ calls are diverted automatically to the next best alternative. All of these processes improve engagement with your customers.

Improve call consistency.

The challenge with traditional landline systems is that a customer has touse and remember different numbers to reach a specific branch or department. They also present a problem when a customer moves to a different region. As a non-geographic contact number, a 0333 number effectively addresses these problems. The customer only needs to call the customer service team or call centre to be connected to the person they want to talk to. This improves consistency in communication between your business and the customers.

Improve call flexibility.

When a regional telephone network experiences damage or fault, landlines are often unreachable. It creates unnecessary downtime in your customer communications. Even with other communication channels, this can cause customers to look elsewhere. A 0333 number helps you avoid this scenario. With all non-geographic numbers, incoming calls will be redirected to the appropriate alternatives to maintain communication while network problems are being addressed.

Improve call costs.

A 0333 number is often treated like a local number even though it’s non-geographic. This means it costs less to use than traditional landline numbers that are bound by their region. With the introduction of new regulations, calls to 0333 numbers are included in the free calls and inclusive minutes of 01 and 02 numbers. This feature can be customised to suit your needs better. Talk with your provider to set up a charging arrangement that is beneficial to you and your customers.

Don’t let the digital movement discourage you from making the most of your landline. A 0333 number is an advantageous investment for your business. Discover how it can improve customer engagement and experience through valuable calls.

Planet Numbers: Your 0333 Number Provider

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