0345 Numbers – The new “win-win” situation

17th June 2013

We’re delighted to announce the arrival of a brand new range to the Planet Numbers “number family”.  Our range of 0345 numbers allow customers to contact your business for less money, whilst it costs less for you to receive the call than it would from an 0800 number.  It’s definitely an all round winner for everyone.

0345 numbers cost the customer a local rate to call from both landline and mobile phones in the UK.  This also means that with most modern-day landline and pay-monthly mobile packages, it will be included in the customer’s inclusive minutes on their tariff – and thus will be FREE for the customer to make the call to your business.

Businesses will finally be able to capture 100% of the market by having both 0845 and 0345 numbers for their business.  Customers who simply want to remember one number to call from their home phone have no need to switch, whilst those customers on lower budgets – and with no landline – will be able to call the business without fear of racking up huge phone bills on their mobile phone.

What’s more, the most you will ever be charged to receive any call to your landline on even our most basic package is 1.5p a minute; and you’ll even get at least 1000 minutes of calls on your 0345 number free every month!

Our top range packages will give you 15,000 free minutes a month, and will cost just 0.666p a minute to receive calls thereafter.  You can also direct calls to your mobile on any package for an incredibly low 9p a minute.

Just look at some examples of our incredible new range below: 

0345 319 5000 0345 319 2222 0345 319 3333

Nice eh? We have 0345 numbers to suit every business size, every business budget, and a whole range of optional extras to suit every business’ individual needs.

Give one of our sales team today a ring today on 08000 886 886 or 0333 370 7222 to snap your number up – because they’re going quick!

Alternatively, order them online HERE.