0800 Numbers are a Small Price to Pay for Your Company’s Success

16th June 2011

A business that has numerous competitors that sells similar products or services will distinguish itself by offering a compelling marketing message like “Call us free.”

Winning the Advertising Game

When scanning a telephone book or looking through a newspaper advertising section for a service provider, wouldn’t you rather call someone who will let you call them for free?

0800 numbers help customers make a decision in your favour. Besides making it easier on them and their pocket, you are also informing them that you are a business that values their time and money. 0800 numbers in your advertising clearly demonstrate that you place customer service as a high priority, because you are keen on offering them the convenience of saving money to contact you.

In essence, your advertising is sending a signal that you welcome customers and are happy to pay for the privilege to speak to them.

How Much Is Your Customer Worth?

Although it may seem to be sensible to lower your overhead costs—especially in these challenging economic times—this way of thinking is not conducive to the prosperity of your business.

Instead of asking how much you can save by making the customers pay for their call to you, you should be asking about the lifetime value of your customer.

When you think about the lifetime value of your customer, it seems almost absurd not to be willing to pay little extra to draw them into your marketing funnel.

A Variety of Service Plans

Numerous service plans are available with 0800 numbers, with the fees and features depending on the provider.

Most basic plans include features like 24/7 service, on-line and dial-in call features, while more advanced plans tend to include things like mobile and international routing, voice and fax mailboxes, auto-attendants, call hunt groups, call queuing, on-line call statistics, call recording, IVR menus, and time of day routing.

For the most part, 0800 numbers accommodate UK and international callers, are billed every second and are delivered on Tier 1 Carriers.