0800 Numbers in the United Kingdom

24th June 2011

In the United Kingdom, 0800 numbers are referred to as free phone numbers and are typically ten or eleven digits in length. 0800 numbers were first introduced in the 1960s as a tool for business clients to use to communicate with UK post offices. Since then, 0800 numbers have become widely popular with businesses and organizations who want to appear professional and caring of their customers.

Businesses that have 0800 numbers personally pay for all costs incurred when customers call them. The telephone service provider, however, often provides the business with a discounted rate or a flat fee for all of the calls that they receive. For sales companies it is actually cheaper to persuade customers to call their 0800 number, than it is for the company to phone them. Furthermore, customers who call a sales company are genuinely interested in their product or service which results in higher profits.

It is proven that customers are more likely to phone a business which has an 0800 number for multiple reasons. First of all, consumers feel that a company values them and their business by providing them with a free phone number. Secondly, consumers are confident that a company cares when it has an 0800 number, which increases the likelihood of them calling that particular company. Thirdly, free phone numbers take the cost away from a consumers’ shoulders as they do not have to worry about any charges on their phone bill.

Businesses that use 0800 numbers are able to take calls from customers in more than one location, which greatly aids businesses that have several offices across the United Kingdom. These numbers are especially popular due to the number of reputable companies that use them and the fact that they result in a more successful business overall.