0800 Numbers, Sales Leads & Conversion Rates

10th June 2012

There is a wide range of positive reasons that UK businesses choose 0800 numbers: They provide a positive image, they make the company more accessible, the business cannot lose the rights to the number and the business can meet growing needs by switching providers or adding services. The other reason, which is sales leads and sales conversion, is the one we’re going to focus on here in this post.

The purpose of Freephone or 0800 numbers is to make a business accessible to clients and potential clients. A business also uses it to present itself as reputable and profitable, which is especially important for a young business striving to earn a reputation. These factors, in particular, are vital to businesses that generate leads by phone and flourish by converting those leads into actual sales.

The best leads are the ones that call the business. That is a truism in any kind of sales. The client is already interested, so all you have to do is convert that interest. With a cold lead, you actually have to convince the prospective client that they are interested. This is why warms lead are so much more valuable, and businesses should invest in cold leads only when they’ve tapped out the warm ones.

Furthermore, modern business research in the UK and elsewhere proves that 0800 numbers are an incentive to call, even over local calls. The consumer associates Freephone with value, so even when they have the option between 0800 and local, they opt for the 0800. In fact, studies show that 0800 numbers increase marketing response rates by 300 per cent on average. That’s astounding.

We likely don’t have to explain why 300% is significant, but let’s explore it anyway. Let’s say that using your standard number you achieve 10 calls an hour and 1 sales conversion, a £100 sale. If you instead used 0800 numbers, taking advantage of the 300 per cent increase effect, you could be fielding 40 calls an hour. At the same rate, which is a reasonable assumption, that would be 4 sales conversions or £400 an hour.