0800 Numbers Still Make Good Business Sense

14th June 2011

As technology advances and shopping habits change, businesses are adjusting their strategies to continue attracting new customers and keep their patrons satisfied. One practice, companies are taking a closer look at, is the use of free phone numbers. 0800 numbers have been around since 1977 and many businesses are starting to question the wisdom of continuing to invest in this communication expense.

The main arguments are that people simply don’t use their phones to conduct business like they used to. Transactions that were initiated over the phone are increasingly being completed on-line. Many company’s product and customer support models are becoming more reliant on chat and email than voice interactions. These arguments certainly have some merit but, they are not enough to justify abandoning 0800 numbers altogether. There are some very compelling reasons businesses continue to invest in free phone numbers today.

Marketing campaigns continue to feature 0800 numbers prominently. They are in print, television, radio and internet ads. One reason is that consumers associate 0800 numbers with reputable businesses. Having a free phone number can often be a deciding factor for a consumer choosing between two companies offering identical products or services. The 0800 number gives them confidence they can call someone and get help with their problem should they need to.

The 0800 number is portable and can be routed anywhere. If the company moves their offices to another city, the number goes with them. If they shift their support to another part of the country or world, the calls can be routed there without changing the number customers dial.

For most businesses the question isn’t whether to have a phone number but, whether to invest in local or free 0800 numbers. Local businesses are finding opportunities outside their region, so having a number that can be dialled free of charge from anywhere in the country still makes sound business sense.