0800 Numbers: Why You Should Get Yours From Planet Numbers

4th July 2012

0800 numbers are the most widely recognised free phone numbers in the UK. Because 0800 numbers are free to call, they are the best phone numbers to use in attracting new business. This makes them an invaluable tool for any company to use. Planet Numbers is the UK’s leading provider of such numbers to businesses, and often businesses that start using these phone numbers quickly see a drastic increase in the responses to their ads.

There is a huge variety of 0800 numbers offered by Planet Numbers, a factor that helps to ensure you will find the number that suits your business perfectly. If you’re not sure about the best choice for your 0800 number, Planet Numbers can give you a hand figuring it out.

There are several reasons to go with Planet Numbers when you want to pick out a 0800 number for your business. A few of these reasons are listed below.

Low fees that anyone can afford

You can save a substantial amount of money by going with Planet Numbers for your business’s 0800 number. The main reason for this is simple: Planet Numbers offers exceptionally low rates. This is easy to see and is one of the main selling points for this service.

When you start up a 0800 number with Planet Numbers, you need only pay a small fee for activation, and if you reserve online you do not even have to pay that. After the initial activation, there is a low monthly fee for maintaining the line, and no other hidden costs.

When you go with Planet Numbers for your 0800 number, you only pay 3.5p a minute for incoming calls. This is a substantially lower fee than the ones charged by competing services. And because Planet Numbers charges you for phone calls by the second instead of by the minute, you are given a more precise bill than you would with a competing company. Instead of having every extra second rounded up to a minute, with Planet Numbers you only pay for the call time you actually used.

As if the low prices weren’t enough, there are even more reasons to go with Planet Numbers when you want a 0800 number for your business – read on below.

Easy to maintain

In a world where businesses have to move quickly to stay competitive in their field, there is no time to waste making sure the 0800 number is working as it should. Because Planet Numbers understands the need for companies to reduce the time they spend, they offer an easy to navigate dashboard, from which you can control the daily operations of your 0800 numbers.
For example, if the 0800 numbers you control need to be rerouted for the weekend, a click of the mouse can easily make this happen.

For so many reasons, getting a 0800 number is a great move for your business. With all the assets Planet Numbers brings to the table, there is no reason to wait. Put your business on the fast track today with an 0800 number from Planet Numbers.