0800 or 0845 numbers – which one for you?

25th January 2010

It’s very well known that Planet Numbers offer the best in 0845 and 0800 telephone numbers. The demand for these non-geographical telephone numbers is gigantic, with Planet Numbers receiving hundreds of enquiries per week but before you pick up the phone and reserve your telephone number, let’s determine which telephone number is best for you.

0845 numbers – 0845 numbers are the most widely recognised of all non-geographic telephone numbers. The chances of your business picking up a memorable 0845 number is very high as we receive new ranges to supply every month. Although most callers will pay 2p/minute to call your 0845 numbers, BT users will pay nothing to call your number. The best news for the 0845 number owner is, there are NO incoming call charges which means that, compare to BT who charge 4p/minute for incoming calls, you will pay NOTHING when you take a number out with us. The benefits of these numbers are the fact that they are widely recognised as a business telephone number, giving your company a more professional look. Also, there are no additional charges for having these numbers, you won’t pay incoming call charges unless the number is diverted to a mobile. The disadvantages are that the call pays a small 2p/minute call fee, which could increase if they’re calling from a mobile.

0800 numbers – 0800 numbers are the free alternative for calling a business. It is free to call an 0800 number number from a landline or payphone and will only cost the number owner 4.95p/minute for incoming call charges. Again, there is a huge range of memorable 0800 numbers so you can find the best number for your business. The benefits of 0800 numbers are that customers are more inclined to call your number, knowing that you care enough to make the call for for them. The disadvantages of them are that you pay an incoming call charge.

So which number is best for you? If you’re still not sure, give us a call on 08450 777 777 and one of our team will be happy to help.