A 0844 number … Give me one good reason why?

29th May 2009

So you don’t know what 0844 numbers are all about? Let Planet Numbers give you the nitty-gritty.

A 0844 number is one that is ‘pointed’ at your landline. Whenever you wish you could ask us to change the target to which your 0844 number is pointed. Here are a few compelling reasons why your company should get a 0844 number :

  • It is non-geographic. Your customers or clients can call you from anywhere in the UK at the same rate.
  • A 0844 number has a one-off connection fee with no charges to follow.
  • You get fully itemised billing.
  • A 0844 number markets your company throughout the nation.
  • You give your client the feel of a local presence and identity.
  • Proven improved response rates to advertising with a 0844 prefix.
  • Generates more calls.
  • Gives your company high visibility.
  • You’re not bonded for life – just 30 days notice to cancel.

Planet Numbers offer of the month: FREE 0844 number – randomly selected. With a 0844 prefix you pay nothing to receive calls, unless you decide to divert to a mobile number. In fact Planet Numbers splits revenue with you at 1 pence per minute*. So you’re one of us in this great venture; another persuasive reason to go for it.