0844 Numbers: An Asset To Your Business

21st September 2012

When you run a business, having an 0844 number is a great asset. With such a number, you can choose which phone numbers you want linked. Once you have linked your phone lines to the 0844 number, all calls are directed to it. The consolidation of phone numbers cuts down on phone bill costs, and also makes it easy to organize inbound calls.

There are many reasons why Planet Numbers is the best company to go with when you want to set up a 0844 number for your business.

Ease of use

When you get a 0844 number for your business from Planet Numbers, there are many convenient features to help you. For example, with the Planet Numbers Online Dashboard you can easily manage all aspects of your 0844 number. With just a couple clicks of a mouse, you can reroute the phone calls made to your business to a different number. You can also set up automated call handling for your 0844 number with the use of your Planet Numbers Online Dashboard.

Because there are many 0844 numbers to choose from, you are guaranteed to get telephone numbers that are memorable and fitting for your business. Planet Numbers can help you to figure out the best phone number possible for your business. Enquiries are taken by our customer service staff all day every day.

If your business has to move to a different location you need not worry, because you can easily take your 0844 number along with you. Therefore you will not have to worry about reprinting flyers or changing your website because of the move; your 0844 number stays constant.

Low rates

Planet Numbers has long offered the lowest rates available for international calls, and the rates they offer for 0844 numbers are also very low. There’s no one better to deal with in the UK than Planet Numbers when you want a 0844 number.

First off, there are no monthly fees that come with 0844 numbers from Planet Numbers. All you have to pay is the single connection fee when your new number is first set up, and even this fee is quite modest (if you reserve online, as low as FREE!) here is no charge at all to your business for receiving calls. In other words, to operate and maintain this number is completely free.

For customers to make a call to your 0844 number, the charge is only 5p a minute. This will put your business line at a competitive rate with comparable business phone lines. Even better is the fact this price stays the same no matter what day of the week or time of day they call. This helps to increase the likelihood that your company will receive the large volume of phone calls you want.

For these reasons and more, Planet Numbers is the company to go with when you want to set up an 0844 number. Choose your 0844 numbers now.