Why are 0844 phone numbers popular in the UK?

25th March 2009

0844 numbers are gradually becoming the most preferred business telephone numbers and are being increasingly used across the UK. They have many features that make them capable of efficiently supporting an organisation’s marketing activities, including helping out with building customer-based loyalty programmes or providing cheaper call centre services.

What are 0844 phone numbers?

These phone UK numbers are a part of an innovative service wherein the cost of the call is paid by the caller when the call is diverted to a UK landline/voicemail. Charges are incurred by the caller only when the call is diverted to mobiles or international destinations. These numbers can be availed by businesses of every conceivable size. The 0844 numbers are on the verge of displacing 0870 numbers in the UK market in the near future. Hence, it makes sense to develop an understanding of their various advantages. Some of the most prominent advantages of having 0844 phone number include:

Improved, Cheaper Business Solutions

When wisely used, 0844 numbers make for a very sensible business strategy.

Monitoring Advertising Expenditures:

Companies that advertise their products/services specifically benefit from such phone numbers because various calls can be diverted to the same phone number. This also helps in properly tracking the effectiveness of each advertising campaign. Businesses use different 0844 numbers for specific purposes to closely monitor the customer interaction across different departments.

Cheaper Survey/Analysis Tool:

Specific research-oriented marketing surveys necessitate the need for making thousands of phone calls. These surveys are used for creating a database about the popularity of a company or the perception of its products/services in the marketplace or among the customers. 0844 numbers provide a dependable and cheap source for such voluminous campaigns.

Added Earnings & Rebates

This may sound surprising but in the present scenario, businesses that are listed with 0844 phone numbers get rebates from various telecom providers. Some providers pay a token amount every time a call is diverted to a UK landline. Some pay a small incentive for every incoming call through a 0844 number. In terms of a per-minute basis, these rebates may appear small, but at the end of the month, they add-up as a substantial amount, which is a source of indirect income for the enterprise.

Easy Maneuverability — Keep Old Numbers

Even when someone upgrades to a 0844 business number, it isn’t necessary to cancel the existing phone number.

  • The conventional landline number can still be maintained, which might have become an identity with some customers. However, for those who still want to switch, the process is very simple.
  • In case the location of the business is changed, the original 0844 number can still be maintained.

The ‘Recall’ Factor — More Memorable Numbers

These business numbers are more memorable and easy to recall for present and prospective customers. This helps in attracting newer customers since people are more likely to enquire about the services of a company whose phone number they easily recollect.

Enhanced Market Presence

These numbers are increasingly becoming synonymous with bigger companies that have a national presence. So, any organisation that boasts of an 0844 phone number benefits from a better market reputation. These numbers don’t represent any form of geographic limitation. This makes them a better option than the conventional 01, 02 UK phone numbers. As a result, even the smaller organisations can use these numbers to exude a national presence. Obviously, customers have more faith in companies with such numbers.