0845 number with Call Whisper – The benefits.

11th May 2010

When we picture a business, most of us will picture a huge office block or call centre with hundreds of employees running round ensuring that the business runs smoothly.

For a lot of businesses, this could well be the case. However, for some smaller businesses, particularly those who are just starting up, their office could be run from their home, taking customer’s telephone calls on their mobiles or landlines.

So how do we give smaller businesses that are run from home the image of something much larger? A lot of customers take comfort in calling a big business, in preference to one run from home. How do we give the impression that the customer is calling a larger and more established business?

Simple. An 0845 number.

0845 numbers are widely recognised as business telephone numbers and with a huge variety of services available, are the most used telephone numbers within businesses. The 0845 number can be diverted to landline or mobile whenever you wish so your customers can always get in contact with you.

One of the most common questions about 0845 telephone numbers are from smaller businesses run from home. The majority of home businesses only have one landline which they point their 0845 number to, along with receiving personal calls from friends and family. So how can they distinguish between a business call and a social call?

With Call Whisper, the receiver of the call will hear a short message when they are being called on their 0845 number, to let them know that it is a business call. Using this, the receiver will be able to answer appropriately, instead of saying ‘Hi Mum’ to a customer.

To order an 0845 number or Call Whisper, just get in contact with one of us on 08450 777 777 and one of our smiley representatives will be more than happy to help.