0845 Numbers and Optional Functionality

14th May 2012

The basic package associated with 0845 numbers includes the NGN itself and customer service, and it typically includes some advanced functionality, such as the ability to monitor, track and log calls.

• Targeting – This allows the client to direct calls to the 0845 numbers to a landline or mobile, and most service offer a control panel that allows for automatic switching based on time or day.

• Monitor – This is the ability for a third party to listen in silently. This is useful, for instance, for supervisors who need to monitor the performance of their service representatives.

• Tracking – This feature allows clients to associate phone calls with clients. This way, when Anne in London has a dispute, the company has convenient access to all phone conversation with her.

• Logging – Logging allows for date and timestamps as well as client notes. This information goes into a database, which then serves as a history that the business can run queries against.

As a company grows larger, they may have additional needs. Most providers of 0845 numbers offer optional functionality that allows the business to meet those needs more easily.

• Recording – This feature records entire phone conversations digitally, and stores them in the database so that they company can recall them later.

• Diversion Plans – A diversion plan prevents busy signals. Often, it is a part-time virtual receptionist or virtual call manager that only kicks in when the diversion plan is needed.

• Virtual Receptionist – A virtual receptionist is like having an actual receptionist except it is cheaper because he or she works for the provider and handles many different companies at a time.

• Virtual Call Manager – A call manager for 0845 numbers combines real or automated receptionist capabilities along with recording and other services like queuing and voicemail.

• Virtual Office Services – This allows a business to integrate fax, email and other IT features with their 0845 numbers without having to expand the network physically.

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