0845 Numbers in the United Kingdom

20th June 2011

0845 numbers are non geographical telephone numbers that are utilized throughout the United Kingdom. These numbers are assigned to one company in the United Kingdom and can assist national marketing campaigns. Unlike 0800 numbers, 0845 numbers are not free of charge. Callers who dial these numbers are required to pay the local rate for the duration of their call. Therefore, no matter where a customer resides in the United Kingdom, everyone pays the same rate to call a business, even if it would otherwise be considered a long distance call.

However, 0845 numbers have not always been favoured by customers due to the costs of the call. Some people became especially outraged when they found out that they were being charged for calling the National Health Service for medical advice. This has resulted in many protesting against the numbers which incur a fee, especially if the number is to a complaint line. As time has progressed, less public services use these numbers and more commercial organisations have started using these numbers which has helped make them more accepted.

Some businesses owners can not afford the cost of an 0800 number and view 0845 numbers as being a smarter choice for their needs. First of all, they offer businesses the ability to pay just one annual cost as customers are technically paying for the costs incurred. Secondly, businesses can recover costs or generate additional revenue by charging a premium for calls to their number.  This strategy has worked well for businesses with a technical support service. Overall, these benefits collectively help the bottom line of a company and aid its financial stability.

As 0845 numbers are continually adopted by more companies, consumers are more likely to phone them without a second thought.