0845 Numbers – Rescuing Businesses

10th January 2012

Sometimes in business, things don’t always go to plan. Despite months of careful planning, crafting out strict business models, sometimes the unthinkable can happen and you can be hit with a business disaster. Often, these disasters can be completely out of your control.

It’s hard to forget the snow duvet that engulfed Great Britain last year. Unexpected and unwelcome, the snow froze us to a standstill, leaving many stranded, unable to get to work. The phones were unmanned, the calls unanswered.

Businesses without a Non Geographical Number (0800, 0845, 0844 telephone numbers) were left helpless as their customers rang their lines, only to be left unattended to. With no way to answer those calls, businesses were losing money faster than snow melts on a warm car bonnet.

At Planet Numbers, we offer complete portability with all of our telephone numbers, be it 0845 numbers, 0800, 0844, or 01202… All new and existing customers will be offered a complete Online Control Panel, accessible from anything with an internet connection. From computers, iPhones, Blackberrys, Nokias, the Control Panel will ensure that your important telephone calls can always be answered.

The redirection process is simple and quick. Simply log-in to your web account, select the telephone number you wish to re-route and enter your new destination number. Your telephone number can be routed to landlines or mobile, worldwide, meaning that if you are fortunate enough to be sunbathing on a beach in the Bahamas, you can do so with the peace of mind that your business is being looked after. Once you’ve clicked the ‘update’ button, your number will be instantly re-routed.

Disasters do happen. Ensure that the damage is minimal by chatting to one of our friendly staff today. Just dial us on 08000 886 886.