0845 numbers

16th August 2013

There are many ways to get 0845 business phone numbers, but only by going with Planet Numbers you get the chance to deal with the leading provider of such numbers in the UK. With 0845 numbers, your contact information is easier to remember. You need your business to have a phone number that stands out, and going with Planet Numbers allows you to do just that quickly, efficiently and for less money.

There are several good reasons why Planet Numbers is the UK’s leading provider of 0845 numbers, as well as 0844 numbers and 0800 numbers. The ease of use of their website is certainly one reason, since this very navigable web site allows you to avoid time wasting searching for information.

The low cost of this service when compared to other similar services is another reason to use Planet. However, there are other reasons why Planet Numbers is the best provider of 0845 numbers to businesses in the UK.

The set-up is instant

When you deal with Planet Numbers you get your 0845 number with no hassles whatsoever. To get your number set up, the first step is choosing your number. There are over a million numbers to choose from when you go with Planet Numbers, which helps to ensure you will find a number that suits you. Providing the number you have chosen is not already taken, you can immediately move on to the next step in the process, which is the ordering procedure. This procedure is done through a secure server, which minimises the risk of your personal information getting out.

Once your order has gone through, Planet Numbers guarantees that your number will be activated within 24 hours (usually the same day), as long as the order went through on a weekday. Service this speedy is virtually unheard of, and allows you to move your business forward at a rapid pace.

Leading customer service


 If you need any extra incentive to trust Planet Numbers, then our customer service should be of interest to you.

 If you have any issue with your phone number that needs to be addressed, you will be pleased to know that the Planet Numbers customer service team is available to you at all hours of the day. You can either call them or send them a message online. Whatever means of contacting them you choose, you can be sure that you will get a fast, helpful response.

For all the reasons mentioned above, Planet Numbers is the best provider to go with when you want to register an 0845 number for your business. Only by going with Planet Numbers can you ensure that you will get the quickest service possible, as well as a customer service team that puts your needs first. So come and see why Planet Numbers leads the pack when it comes to 0845 numbers