0870 numbers: The Big Change – How Are You Coping?

4th August 2009

After years of anticipation, stress and panic, the day of big change finally arrived. On the 1st of August 2009, Ofcom’s proposed plans came in action, ensuring that callers to 0870 numbers paid no more than a local area call. This left the owners of these numbers patting their pockets, wondering how they were going to finance this development.

Although it’s almost free for a customer to call 0870 numbers, business who own the numbers had to decide whether to stomach the 3.5p/minute incoming call charge or whether to switch to an 0845 or 0844 number with no incoming call charges. Either way, without careful execution of their plan, businesses could end up losing money and customers with their switch.

How did you cope with the switch? Did you find you lost customers? Is the 3.5p/minute too much for your business or did you decide to switch entirely? We’d love to hear your thoughts.