10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need a Call Recording Services Provider

16th December 2016

Regardless of the size of the company you represent, call recording can be an invaluable tool, acting as a safeguard when information goes missing, helping to hone your workforce’s skills and providing proof of financial activity.

Here are 10 reasons why your business should use call recording services.

  1. It’s mandatory

If it is to stay compliant with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), a company needs to record any call that concludes with an agreement between the caller and a client. For many businesses, especially customer service, this would include most calls.

  1. It ensures compliance with the DPA

The Data Protection Act (DPA) is one of the most important aspects of customer service. The secure storage of information is paramount to any company. Call recording prevents employees from using customer information maliciously because it creates a paper trail that could lead to their prosecution in the event of wrongdoing.

  1. It aids in police investigation

Your call audio might not bring a notorious criminal to justice, but the call audio you take from a wanted person’s account could prove to be invaluable for a police investigation. Your recorded call audio can be played for the police so that they can gain the insights they require for their case.

  1. Calls are easy to record and reference

There’s nothing complicated about listening to the calls, either. Recorded calls can be converted into MP3 files and sent via email along with their time and date. MP3 is the most commonly used audio file type today, able to be played on most devices with ease.

  1. It helps to improve productivity

Call recording is crucial for larger companies because it allows managers to evaluate the performance of hundreds of employees without the need to monitor them physically. From the call audio, your managers can identify areas for improvement much quicker.

  1. It streamlines the training process

Call audio is a fantastic tool for new recruits. Good examples of calls can highlight good customer service habits and help those in training to learn quicker and discourage the common mistakes made by others early in their career.

  1. It records proof of purchase

Call recording can ensure that any payments made to or from your business are recorded and noted down to settle any financial disputes. This can also help smaller companies to stay on top of their taxes.

  1. It retains valuable information

Information is easily misplaced within a busy working environment, so it’s always good to be able to reference call audio to retrieve payment details or any valuable information conveyed during a phone call. The ability to record both inbound and outbound calls ensures that nothing important is forgotten.

  1. It helps to prevent workplace abuse

Even in a company that employs hundreds of people, call recording can ensure that people who are reluctant in their duties or misrepresenting the company to customers can be caught and appropriately disciplined.

  1. It’s easy

Top call recording service providers help companies to automatically record all of their calls with next to no input from the user. This allows managers to concentrate on other duties and monitor specific calls when their schedule allows.

Can your business afford not to have call recording in place? Even if call recording wasn’t compulsory for businesses, there would be so many benefits of keeping a comprehensive record of customer activity. Acquire the best call recording services from Planet Numbers and keep your company running at peak efficiency.