10 Reasons You Need A Planet Numbers Telephone Answering Service

6th May 2016

We certainly know how amazing our Live Call Answering service is, but do you? Here are 10 impressive things you could be enjoying if you sign up today…

  1. Never miss another call – a missed call is a missed opportunity. With Live Call Answering from Planet Numbers you can be sure every call is answered promptly and professionally, turning each sales call into a successful transaction!
  1. Increase staff productivity – when you’re right in the middle of something important the last thing you want to do is be answering calls from wrong numbers or telemarketers. Give your staff the opportunity to focus on what’s important and increase their productivity and job satisfaction in the process.
  1. Increase customer satisfaction – nobody wants to call a business at 2pm and be met with a voicemail or nothing but an endless dialling tone. With Live Call Answering all calls are be promptly and professionally answered; keeping your customers happy!
  1. No need to employ extra staff – reduce your overheads and eradicate the extra stress and time of hiring new staff. Win, win!
  1. Keeping you connected even if you’re closed or on holiday – we all deserve a holiday from time to time, but of course business itself never stops; that’s why we’ll keep you connected whilst you’re enjoying some sunshine or simply closed for the day.
  1. Allow your business to grow – productive staff, reduced overheads, prompt call answering – you can see how it’s a simple recipe to success!
  1. Create the illusion of size – it doesn’t matter if you’re a one-man-band, a small team of 10 or a flourishing business of 250, Live Call Answering will create the impression that you’re a growing, successful business every time someone calls you.
  1. A slick, efficient and professional service, even during busy periods – we’ve always got sufficient staff to answer incoming calls, so you needn’t worry about missing calls over lunch or at 4.55pm when everyone is finishing up for the day.
  1. Stay connected in the event of a natural disaster or emergency – accidents happen, and if you’re unable to get into the office thanks to a fallen tree, flooding or fire, you can be assured that all of your incoming calls will be answered and either forwarded on or messages taken.
  1. Messages sent directly to you via email or SMS, even if you’re out of the country – running a business can be hectic at times and you’re not always guaranteed to be in the office, or even the country! We’ll send each message directly to you via SMS or email so you can react accordingly.

Find out more or call us on 08000 886 886 to Sign up today and get a FREE 7 DAY TRIAL!