11 Embarrassing Call Tracking Faux Pas You Better Not Make

2nd December 2016

There has been a lot of discussion about call tracking in marketing circles down the years, with some people even claiming that it can damage a company’s SEO.

However, as explained by such trustworthy authorities as Search Engine Journal, when you use call tracking correctly, it can actually have the opposite effect, creating a plethora of promising leads and beautifully aiding the promotion of your business.

Here are just a few of the common pitfalls of call tracking that should be avoided at all costs.

Inconsistent information

Nothing confuses Google’s algorithm quicker than bad NAP. This acronym stands for name, address and phone number, and every different number you use should be attached to the same NAP, otherwise your business might fall down the pages of search engines.

Letting through bots

Bots can call companies, infiltrate your business and cause DDoS attacks, which can be hugely detrimental to your operations. An excellent way to keep bots from obtaining your number is by distributing it in the form of an image.

Forgetting the mobile audience

Although an image will stop a bot from reading your number and contacting your business, it means that the number can’t be clicked on by smartphone users. With a clickable number and some extra code, you can trigger call tracking as soon as someone starts calling your business.

Too many directories

Your SEO score could take a massive hit if the call tracking services that you utilise spread your details over many different directories without considering the consequences. Make sure you’re using only the best, most trusted call tracking services like those of Planet Numbers.

Conflicting numbers

You could end up attracting a lot of attention for all of the wrong reasons. False information can linger on the web for years and could result in your law firm getting countless unwanted calls about pizza delivery.

Bad placement

Do your research before you publish numbers in different places. You may be able to generate leads, but they could end up being useless if you’ve inadvertently attracted completely the wrong audience.

Disorganised data storage

Keep on top of all of the information being sent to your company. Make a note of all statistics and back everything up. If the information is misplaced or forgotten, the marketing side of your business won’t benefit at all, and you will have wasted your time and money on call tracking.

Bad queuing

Your leads are very likely to give up calling you if they’re met with nothing but silence. Implement a call queue that will reassure customers on hold and play some pleasant music while they wait.

Poor call routing

You may not always be available to take a call and every potential lead is important, so you need calls to be routed to the best possible person or department. With good time of day routing, you can have every single call routed to an available advisor, a mobile or voicemail to prevent your company from missing a call again.

Forgetting the ad

With the adverts that you use for effective call tracking, it’ll be helpful for your advisors to be able to relate to the customer better by knowing where the ad was placed. With call whispering, advisors can be notified of where calls are coming from before the customer gets through to them.

Hiding your call activity

For marketing agencies, the biggest benefit of call tracking is that it can help to prove their worth to their clients. Many businesses don’t fully recognise when the agency they’re using is doing their job, so if you’re getting a client a high volume of calls, you should promote that fact.

Planet Numbers offers a comprehensive call tracking service, plus virtual office services that give you invaluable insight as to where your business is getting the most leads. Hone your business’s marketing at a cost-effective price with Planet Numbers.