2012 – So Much To Look Forward To

3rd January 2012

So it’s over for another-three-hundred odd days. Gone faster than it arrived, Christmas is now just a pleasant memory. Whilst we digest the last of the brussell sprouts and try and scrape off the melted Action Man that your Nephew decided to melt in the microwave, we slowly begin to return to normality. We wave goodbye to 2011 like we would to an old friend that we appreciate but don’t really like that much. Like an annoying party guest, we hint to 2011 that it may have outstayed it’s welcome a little and bundle it out the door. We have a new friend now. We welcome 2012 with hugs and manly handshakes.

2012 is officially here.

We’re already three days into our new adventure and we have so much to look forward to. The Olympics will be held in London, England will get knocked out of the Football European Cup and Planet Numbers will unveil something very exciting indeed.

Working quietly behind the scenes, we have been hiding a very special secret. It has been a secret very difficult to keep, simply because it is so exciting and we’re confident that every single one of our customers will leap in jubilation once we reveal it. We’re not telling it yet though because we’re going to keep you holding on just a little while longer. Trust me when I say, it will all be worth the wait.

We’re expecting to be able to reveal this secret within the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

No it’s not a giant statue of Alex, by the way, although he appreciates your suggestions.