4..3..2..1.. Launch

30th September 2011

As many are well aware the new iPhone 5 will be offically launched at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino on October 4th. On the 25th August, Tim Cook took the role of Apple’s CEO. A special event is to be held called ‘Let’s talk iPhone’ and this is rumored to be his first appearance as CEO.

There are so many different opinions on what it’s going to look like, if it will look the same just with slight modifications or if it’s going to be a completely different design. The dimensions are one of the most talked about possible changes, if it will be thicker, thinner, longer or shorter. A lot of people are saying that it may be longer or thicker because of the possible change of battery, with the upgraded features on the phone extra battery life will be needed, adding more battery may increase the size of the handset.

Another highly talked about feature is the screen, the majority of people have an idea the screen is going to be bigger and have much better quality, others say the screen dimensions will only be adjusted slightly. The dimensions of the screen will by a mystery until October 4th.

Everyone is excited about the release of the new iPhone 5 and are interested to know what it will look like and what the features are.

Until October 4th, what are your opinions on  it’s looks and features?