45 Price Drops From Planet Numbers!

22nd July 2015

It’s been an interesting few weeks in the stock markets recently. With the uncertainty surrounding Greece making many investors nervous and George Osbourne’s address to the country eagerly awaited by many, the FTSE 100 has been a tad twitchy!

Luckily though, everything appears to be settling down for now, with the GBP up against both the Euro and USD. Apple have even posted that sales of their iPhones are up by 35% compared to this time last year which is rather handy as we thought we’d remind you lovely people about how you can take advantage of Planet Number’s great rates direct from your mobile phone! As I’m sure you’re aware, we don’t just supply our customers with outstanding service and deals on our NGN’s, we also offer incredible deals on all our international calls.

Not one to sit on our laurels and wait to see what everyone else is doing, we’ve been hard at work making sure you and your company get the best deals around and this month we’re bringing you an amazing 45 price drops.

You can now call all of these countries for just 13.3p per min*…

Afghanistan & Afghanistan Mobile
Anguilla Mobile
Aruba Mobile
Barbados Mobile
Benin & Benin Mobile
Burkina Faso
Dominica Mobile
Ecuador Mobile
El Salvador & El Salvador Mobile
Equatorial Guinea Mobile
Ethiopia Mobile
Faroe Islands Mobile
French Polynesia
Ghana & Ghana Mobile
Grenada Mobile
Iraq Mobile
Jamaica Mobile
Lesotho & Lesotho Mobile
Liechtenstein Mobile
Malawi Mobile
Montserrat Mobile
New Caledonia
Niger & Niger Mobile
Palestine Mobile
Qatar Mobile
St Lucia Mobile
St Pierre and Miquelon & St Pierre and Miquelon Mobile
Suriname Mobile
Trinidad and Tobago Mobile
Uganda & Uganda Mobile

If that wasn’t enough, you can now call mobile phones in Ireland for just 3p per min.*

So whether you need to talk to your supplier, clinch the deal in an emerging market or simply phone a loved one on their travels, you can always rely on Planet Numbers to offer you great deals on all your international calls. Don’t worry if your call destination isn’t listed here, just have a browse through our International Calls page to see the full list of countries and their call rates starting at just 1p per min from your mobile phone!

Don’t forget we also offer VoIP phone systems with dedicated hosting at the Planet Numbers data centre. You can take advantage of your own online portal, giving you the flexibility to manage your service from anywhere in the world, free of charge. Other benefits include a voicemail service, mid call transfer and an automated phone menu, meaning each incoming call is directed to the right area of your business first time round. The great advantage with VoIP systems is that you can easily scale up your infrastructure as your business grows, at very little cost.


*Plus your call provider’s access charge.