5 ways a business answering service can instantly save you time

2nd May 2019

In an ideal world, you or your staff would take every phone call that comes your firm’s way. However, you are hardly an octopus capable of simply extending your tentacles here, there and everywhere. That’s why, for your firm, a phone answering service can prove practically essential.

Still, even if you currently have alternative arrangements for handling high call volumes, you might not have realised how much time you could save by switching to an answering service.

Customer queries can be catered for directly

Yes, voicemail could theoretically catch people who call you when you’re preoccupied, but voicemail can come across as overly cold and impersonal. Have you ever wondered why some people get through to voicemail but don’t leave a message? Maybe your indirect approach was to blame.

As pointed out in an Entrepreneur article, someone seeking to call a business will have a solid reason for doing so. An answering service can meet their needs quickly rather than hold off the task.

You don’t need to spend time training a receptionist

Many businesses task a receptionist with taking many incoming calls, but one problem with this strategy is that it entails spending time and money on training, warns Small Business Trends. You might not have either time or money in abundant supply if your business remains in its infancy.

However, our business answering service allows you to benefit from friendly UK operators who will answer calls with your firm’s name and utter further words to your specification.

Many basic customer needs can be met

Is your company’s customer service department often inundated with basic requests, such as for help desk support and to book appointments? You could offload many of those requests by taking up an answering service that would be capable of handling them on your company’s behalf.

This could hold particular importance as your company grows and so requires expanded support for its customer service channels. You don’t have to resist outsourcing much of that support.

Calls can be answered more quickly

Have you heard the office phone ringing while you were busy with something else, such as chatting to a client or providing instructions to a team? Despondency might have set in as you realised that you really had no choice but to leave that phone ringing while you finished off what you were doing.

However, with our business answering service, you can expect our operators to answer each of your incoming phone calls within three rings.

Customers respond better to a person answering

It’s not just a quick response, but also a human one, that customers can readily appreciate when calling a business. If you leave a machine to pick up the call, the customer might not even leave a message or call back, The Balance Small Business warns.

That’s lost business that could take you an unhelpfully large amount of time to recover, but our answering service comes with UK operators who take calls in a professional and friendly manner conducive to putting customers at ease.