£6 billion a year wasted on mobile phone bills

24th May 2013

Latest figures show that British mobile phone users waste more than £6 billion every year, simply by being on the wrong tariff for their usage and/or needs.

An estimated third of the UK’s estimated 85 million mobile phone subscribers are said to be on “excessive tariffs” as they are paying unnecessarily high amounts of money for minutes, texts and data allowances that are far too big for the amount they are actually using each month.

This new data includes both personal and business users, which is a worrying statistic when you’d think people should be looking to save on every bill they possibly can during the economically turbulent time we’ve all been having over the last 5 or so years.

The main reason for this is complete lack of awareness on the part of the consumer.  Many consumers don’t understand just how much data their apps are using which actually makes them go over their allowance and increases their already inflated bills.

Meanwhile, they are using much less texts and minutes than they are paying for.  In 2012, users sent an average of 250 texts per month each, when many are paying for “unlimited” texts (usually means a fair-use policy of 4000 or 5000 a month because no one sends anywhere near this many).  By switching to a plan that allows them say 300 or 400 texts a month, they could save around £150-200 a year.

Several online websites have sprung up promising to calculate the savings you can make on your domestic mobile phone bills, but these require access to your personal and private data, which this writer suspects probably gets sold on by these companies to other companies who you would rather not give this information to – for large sums of cash.

What’s more is that these companies can only save you money on your domestic usage.  Say you’re a businessman who makes multiple calls abroad per month using their mobile, you would still be paying the excessive charges that all the main UK mobile operators put on their tariffs for making international calls.  Some even have the audacity to claim these are cheap, just because they compare them to the astronomical charges that BT would make for dialling direct from you landline.

At Planet Numbers we have numerous answers to the expensive issue at hand.  With our new Business Accounts service for example, we are offering a bespoke solution for any business that wishes to save money on their international calls, and greatly reduce their business telephone bill.

We often hear from businesses that were simply not aware that these solutions existed before, which is why we are committed to getting the word out there, and saving all the “businessmen using their excessive mobile tariff” from wasting anymore unnecessary money with their current provider.

As a company we are as fed up of customers being ripped off by other telecoms providers as the customers are themselves.  However, it seems only a change in consumer awareness will stop the problem.

Robin James