7 Important Facts You Should Know About Call Answering Service

20th December 2016

Communicating with clients and customers via telephone is a crucial part of the business engagement. If a call is unanswered due to a busy line, it has the potential to jeopardise future business projects and valuable custom. The call answering service is the solution to ensuring every phone call is received, acknowledged and dealt with in a professional manner during busy periods within your company.

Here are seven important facts you should know about the call answering service.

  1. No calls are missed

Every unanswered call to your business phone is directed to an operator who then takes the call and deals with the request. This provides customers with an immediate response, meaning their custom will not be taken elsewhere.

  1. Calls are answered in your company name

There will be no confusion on the other end of the line as all calls are answered using your business’ name. The service is like having your own personal secretary who will be an honest representative of your business.

  1. Messages can be sent to you no matter where you are

Whether you’re running errands, having your lunch or struck down with illness, you will always be informed about every call made via email or SMS. This gives you the advantage of constantly being kept in the loop and therefore aware of the business activity.

  1. Takes your calls when you’re on holiday

Taking time away from your business shouldn’t mean you lose potential customers from an unanswered call. Your business can still function even when you’re miles away from home, giving you piece of mind in the knowledge that your potential customers are in safe hands.

  1. It’s like a triage service

The service primarily assesses the call and allows you to decide whether the request is urgent and needs immediate attention.If your business phone is unattended, these emergency calls could be missed, risking the reputation of your business.

  1. It allows you to focus on growing your business

Without having to spend valuable time answering phone calls, you can turn your focus to other areas of your business prioritising those that may have been put to one side.

  1. It’s cost effective

Employing your own service operators can cost a great deal. As a business, you must factor in the cost of training, equipment (and the maintenance thereof) as well as the employees’ salary. By investing in a call answering service, a complete package is provided.

Have you ever wished for a virtual receptionist? The call answering service offers human contact which an answering machine can never provide. An article from the editors of CRM magazine states that 80 per cent of callers sent to voicemail don’t leave a message. By using Planet Numbers’ call answering service, these messages can be received safely and effectively, in turn keeping your business afloat.