A Business Owner’s Guide to International Calling

20th June 2016

If you have just set up a business that will heavily rely on making regular international calls, you might be wondering how your workers can make those calls at as little financial expense as possible. After all, international calling costs can look seriously daunting as they increasingly stack up! Here is a guide to how your firm can make much cheaper global calls.

Why cheaper global calls can be crucial

While many businesses could find that the great bulk of their calls are domestic, with only the occasional, one-off international call necessary, the situation could be very different for other companies. For example, multinational corporations, importers and exporters, and businesses with global suppliers could find themselves having to make international calls very regularly.

Now, obviously, if the company you run falls into one of these categories, then hefty charges for these calls could build up into a hefty burden on your business. You’re unlikely to be reassured that, should you turn to BT to make those calls, getting in touch with a USA-based contact will set you back 30p a minute. Meanwhile, calling to Germany will cost 60p a minute, and the per-minute price for calling to India is 88p. Those can be worrying figures, but there’s a much better alternative…

You can save your business a fortune…

… by signing up for one of our Business Accounts available here at Planet Numbers. Whatever type of company you own, if it needs to make a considerable volume of international phone calls, a Planet Numbers Business Account can give it a big variety of benefits. These include being able to save up to a mammoth 96% on international calls, avoid any minimum or maximum spending on top-ups, and have multiple users on different PINs using the same account.

With a Planet Numbers Business Account, you can call to the USA at just 1.5p per minute, while the per-minute charges for calls to Germany and India are, respectively, 1p and 2p. Those are obviously huge savings on the BT charges we’ve mentioned above – and many other countries, including France, Japan and Canada, can be reached similarly inexpensively.

Further practical benefits of signing up for a Planet Numbers Business Account

Another advantage of such an account is having a 01xx access number which gives you a local rate for calling from landlines and can be covered by minutes of monthly mobile plans. MoneySavingExpert.com recommends committing to a monthly calling plan if you will be spending hours on the phone to numbers abroad. The savings can especially ramp up if you will often be calling to the same destination, which could be the case if you regularly get fresh work from the same global clients.

We also throw in the availability of CLI recognition, which rids you of any need for a PIN code, and the option to top-up by debit card via phone or email while you’re in the office. This flexibility can certainly help your business in an erratic environment, as can your no-contract arrangement with us.