Advanced Features Available for 0800 Numbers

24th August 2011

In the UK, 0800 numbers, also called Freephone or Freecall, are non-geographic numbers that carry no charge for the caller, although there can be surcharges in some scenarios, such as mobile calls. In order to cover the cost, the owner of the number, typically a business, pays a base rate as well as a charge per call. In addition to that basic service, 0800 numbers have many advanced functions associated with them. Here is an overview of the most popular options:

Tracking – This feature collects information about each call made to the 0800 numbers, and this data provides the basis for the database that will facilitate all other analysis.

Logging – This service is the mechanism that moves the tracking information into the database. Typically, tracking and logging are included in the base package for 0800 numbers.

Online Call Statistics – Allows comprehensive access to the system from any Internet access point, which is extremely helpful for small businesses that are often out of the office.

Call Recording – This service automatically records all conversations, and then stores them in a database along with other details: date and timestamps, customer IDs and so forth.

Call Queuing – This feature prevents busy signals, and provides callers with status information. During non-business hours, this service layer can transfer calls to another layer, such as voicemail.

Voicemail – Just like the voicemail feature on your mobile, this allows callers to leave a message. This popular service is particularly handy for small businesses that have limited manpower.

Zone Routing – This computerized system accepts each call and then forwards them to a new destination based on factors such as caller location and even call reason.

Time of Day Routing – This basic routing service is useful for receiving calls at the office during business hours and then receiving them on the mobile during non-business hours.

Fax to Email – This mechanism automatically detects incoming faxes to the 0800 numbers, accepts them, converts them into an email format and then forwards them to the specified workstation.