All About 0844 Numbers

14th August 2009

Planet Numbers are now offering their 0844 numbers free. A 0844 number from Planet Numbers is indispensable to a business. It is loaded with advantages that you should know about. So what is it all about?

A 0844 number is normally pointed at a landline that you nominate. However, whenever you inform us, the number will be diverted to any other number you instruct. If you want your calls redirected temporarily to another number your 0844 number remains unchanged. And there is no additional charge for the facility.

And that’s not all.

Incoming calls to your 0844 number are free.

Calling you from anywhere in Britain will cost your customer just 5p per minute.

Planet Numbers pays you 1p per minute of a call from beyond 2500 minutes of call time. So effectively they make you, their customer, a part of this venture.

Plus your 0844 number can be a virtual office! Planet Numbers offer you this so you give your customers better and a more impressive service. For example, Virtual Receptionist points them to a list of options to key in to be directed to a particular department. With Divert Plan the calls will automatically be redirected to another number if the main destination is busy or unanswered. With the Time/Day plan all incoming calls are automatically diverted to another number during specific hours, or at weekends.

So what does all this mean? Simply that your clients can be in touch with you 24/7. And what better advertisement is there for a business?

For further details and ordering visit our Free 0844 Numbers Microsite.