An Overview of 0800 Numbers

5th June 2012

In the UK, 0800 numbers are non-geographic numbers, commonly called NGNs. An NGN is a telephone number that does not have a defined telephone circuit or line. In other words, an NGN is simply a pointer that directs calls to whatever mobile line or landline it is currently targeting.

The Benefits of NGNs

• Callers cannot discern the physical location.
• Owners can foster a specific business image.
• A business owns the number until they relinquish it.
• A business can transfer the number to another service.
• A business can advertise the number as a long-term investment.

In the UK, 0800 numbers are just one style of NGN. They distinguish themselves from the others by being charge free (usually*). Most people refer to 0800 numbers as Freecall or Freephone. It’s a free call, even cheaper than a local call, although for home users, local calls are typically free as well.

*Note: There are some scenarios where a provider can attach a surcharge to a Freephone call, especially when making a mobile call. The UK laws concerning this are currently in a state of flux.

The Benefits of 0800 Numbers

• Freephone conjures a very positive image of success for the business.
• Freephone is enticing. Therefore, it substantially increases lead generation strategies.
• An 0800 number is the best way to make a business accessibly by phone.
• A vanity 0800 number is one of the best ways to make that accessibility memorable.

How It Works

When a client calls an 0800 number, it automatically redirects to the number you choose. Small businesses can use this feature to take calls in the office during the day and then on a mobile at night. Large business can use this feature as part of an elaborate call management system that directs the user based on their location or what their needs are.

Beyond the Basic Service for 0800 Numbers

• Call monitoring, tracking, logging and analysis
• Call recording and archiving as well as automatic searchable transcripts
• Virtual office services, such as voicemail, virtual receptionists and fax to email
• Advanced redirection and diversion plans