Android Rises as Apple Falls

19th April 2013

The war between rival mobile device operating systems continues to flare, with market-leader Android landing the latest heavy blow on it’s nearest competitor Apple.

Google’s Android platform is set to reach 1 billion users by the end of the year according to Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt.  He goes on to boast that the platform could have 2 billion users “within a year or two”.

Figures show that there are currently over 750 million Android devices in use, and an additional 1.5 million activations per day.  This demonstrates that at this pace, they could easily break the 1 billion users barrier in the timescale forecast.

Schmidt predicts this growth will be down to the Asian market, where manufacturers using the Android platform – most notably Samsung and HTC – plan to launch low-cost low-end smartphones.

In stark contrast, Apple has seen its overall net income growth fall from 85% in 2011 to just 60% growth last year.  Compare this to 2004 and 2005 where it achieved 300% and 383% net income growth year-on-year respectively, then it could be said the tech giant is massively on the decline.

Whilst a bright spot for the company might be that iOS has finally overtaken Android as the main mobile platform in the USA, globally speaking it is only set to get worse for Apple, who already massively lag behind global smartphone leader Samsung.

Given the imminent launch of the low-end Android devices in Asia, and taking into consideration Apple’s massive unpopularity in the same region, the mobile device war could soon be over in every other region except the USA – if current trends are to continue.