Apple proves that the customer is always right

20th July 2010

So this week, Apple finally admitted that there is a problem with their brand new iPhone 4. After hoards of complaints from loyal customers, complaining that their phone drops signal, Apple admitted defeat and announced a conference to discuss the issues.

Nobody really knew what they would announce, as Apple often keep their customers in suspense until the very last minute but Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, proved the saying ‘The customer is always right.’

The issue, as told by thousands of customers, was due to the placement of the antennae in the newly designed phone. Depending on how the user held the phone, the signal would drop, until there was no signal at all,making it impossible to make a call. This made the phone pretty obsolete.

So what did Steve Jobs propose to all the angry customers? Admitting defeat, he offered every iPhone 4 customer a brand new case, with which the signal would be as good as new. Every single iPhone 4 customer would be able to get a case, free of charge, with all customers who had already purchased a case, getting a full refund.

It is estimate that Apple will sell more than 36 million iPhone 4s over the next year, with each phone now expecting a brand new case. Each case is expected to cost around £5 and, with my math creates a loss for Apple over over £180,000,000.

Apple is here reiterating that famous saying… ‘The Customer Is Always Right’