Apple releases iPhone 4

15th June 2010

After months of anticipation, speculation and deliberation, Apple finally announced the iPhone 4 earlier this month. Was it worth the wait?

As usual, Apple kept tight lipped about the creation of iPhone 4, as they have done with all the previous releases. This year, however, the surprise was somewhat ruined by leaked pictures of the new model after an Apple employee left it unattended at their local café. The leaking of the pictures caused all sorts of rumours to start flying about, with social networking site Twitter finding it the most tweeted about subject.

So what has the new iPhone 4 got the it’s predecessors don’t?

First of all, Apple have announced the creation of FaceTime, a ‘new’ video calling service available for all iPhone 4 users. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Apple’s video talking service will be second-to-none in terms of ease of use and quality, but what is so ‘revolutionary’ about FaceTime? Video Calling has been around since around 2005…

As expected, Apple have also upgraded the camera on the iPhone 4 to 5.0 mega pixels. The camera, in my opinion, is severely behind their competitors and this upgrade will be welcome for all those photographers.

There are many other great upgrades which can be found on Apple’s website, however the most important feature of them all is something I’d like to talk about now.

The iPhone will continue to work for our cheap international call service! You can still text the word PLANET to 68888, grab your £5 worth of credit and talk away for as little as 1p/minute. God bless you Apple.