Apple Watch – Best 10 apps to get first!

24th April 2015

apple-watch-features-apps-3The first shipment of Apple Watches will be strapped on people’s wrist today complete with an app store holding over 3,000 apps.

So here are a few apps to get you apple watch’s started on;

  1. City-mapper – This app combines Google maps and public transport and shows you how to get places and how long it will take and the quickest option for you.
  2. Amazon – Amazons shopping app allows you to browse on your wrist. You are able to see information on the products and price, you can also add items to you wish list and buy them at a later date.
  3. Epicurious – Rather than having long recipes to follow this app allows helping you cook food with a smart timer. Choose between meat or veg, enter the weight and the app will set the appropriate times so you know how long to cook each part of your food. It epicurious-apple-watch-smart-timeralso sends notifications when you need to flip or turn your food and provides images of what the finished dish should look like.
  4. Evernote – The app now developed for your watch will allow you to quickly see your notes for the week to come and set reminders for yourself.
  5. Instagram – This app allows you to see all the photos and notifications on your wrist and comment on your friend’s posts.
  6. Mint – Allows you to keep tabs on your budget with detailed breakdowns of how you’re spending your cash and how much you have left each day.
  7. sz_watch_blog_1280x720_2PowerPoint – What you can do with this app will simplify the way you present, the app will allow you to change slides without you having to spend ages on the computer pressing ‘space’ its all on your wrist.
  8. Shazam – The ‘magic’ button now works on your wrist. Tap the button and the app will recognize the song and be able to show you the lyrics.
  9. WebMD-Medication-Reminder-GlanceTwitter – You can now use twitter on your wrist to check your notifications, browse recent tweets from the people you follow or check out trending topics.
  10. Web MD – The Web MD app focuses on the possible medication you have in your life. The app with show you your schedule and send reminders when its time to take each pill. It will also show images of the tablets and a description.