Call Recording – Record your outbound and inbound phone calls

13th August 2007

Automatic Call Recording means no more scrabbling for a pen to jot down notes and no more disagreements about who said what, to whom, or when!

Dear Subscriber,

Introducing our BRAND NEW 0845 Call Recording Numbers

Increasingly, businesses need to record every phone conversation they have with clients and customers. It’s now mandatory for FSAs, for example, but more and more ordinary companies are recording calls to help with customer service disputes and, of course, to monitor employees’ performance for training and feedback.

Planet Numbers’ brand-new 0845 Call Recording numbers make it incredibly easy to record your calls, automatically. There’s no machinery to set up and no tapes to fiddle with or replace. The recordings are simply sent straight to your computer’s email inbox as convenient mp3 audio files.

MP3 files straight to your computer

  • Your customer dials your 0845 number.
  • On connection, the customer is played a recorded message, telling him that the call may be recorded.
  • You pick up the call and carry on your phone conversation as usual.
  • The full call is recorded (no maximum length).
  • An mp3 file of the call is automatically and instantly sent to your computer’s email inbox along with the date and time of the call.

Change the destination e-mail as often as you like

You can change the email address the recordings are sent to as often as you like using your personal control panel website (great if you’re out and about but still want to keep a record of the calls on your laptop, for example). Your website control panel also keeps a full record of all the calls you’ve received.

And you can turn recording off and on instantly from your phone’s keypad using the hash and star buttons (useful if your mum calls!).

The default message your customers hear will normally be: “Please hold while we connect your call. Please be advised that calls may be recorded for monitoring or training purposes”. But if you wish, you can record your own messages and change them as often as you need to, free.

Choose from a whole host of easy-to-remember 0845 Call Recording numbers

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Kind regards and best wishes for a sunny summer!

The Planet Numbers Team