Super summer savers on international calls

13th August 2008

More stunning price cuts on international calls

Dear Subscriber,

Planet Numbers’ International Call Saver service is the smart way to save a fortune on all your calls to friends, family and colleagues all round the globe. You can easily save up to 90%.

Call USA, for example, and you can save a whopping 14p a minute compared with the equivalent call via BT.

It’s a similar story for Europe. Call Germany with Planet Numbers and you save 17p a minute v BT.

Here’s a quick snapshot of some our most popularly called destinations:

  • Australia 1.5p a minute all day every day – save 22.5p a minute compared with BT!
  • Canada 1p a minute – or save 23p a minute v BT
  • Germany 1p a minute – save 17p a minute v BT
  • India landlines 2p – save 23p a minute v BT
  • Pakistan 5p – save 20p v BT
  • Romania 1.5p a minute – save 50.5p a minute!!!
  • South Africa 2.5p a minute – save 49.5p a minute
  • Thailand 1p a minute – save 67p a minute
  • USA 1p a minute – save 14p vs BT
  • India – call mobiles for only 2p a minute

You can call from your landline or your mobile, from a public phone box and even from a phone where international calls are barred – perhaps in your workplace?

Some brand new savings

We’re working constantly to bring our prices down. Here’s a tiny sample of our latest reductions.

  1. Australia mobile down to 5p
  2. Afghanistan down to 15p
  3. Argentina down to 1.5p
  4. Barbados down to 5p
  5. Congo down to 10p
  6. Denmark down to 1p
  7. Estonia down to 1.5p
  8. Iceland down to 1p
  9. Japan down to 1p
  10. Kenya down to 5p
  11. Mexico mobile down to 6p
  12. Netherlands down to 1p
  13. Poland mobile down to 5p
  14. Sri Lanka down to 10p
  15. Trinidad and Tobago down to 2p
  16. UAE down to 10p

How we do it

No tricks, no hidden charges or subscriptions. No passwords, PINs or signups.

Just huge savings ALL DAY. EVERY DAY.

We give you these massive savings by diverting your international call via Planet Numbers’ international network.

This means we don’t have to pay for using BT’s international system and can therefore pass the price reduction on to you.

How you do it

You simply dial the Planet Numbers access number at the start of your international call, and we do the rest.

  1. Go to the Planet Numbers website and find the access number for the country you want to call
  2. Dial this access number first
  3. A voice will ask you to dial your regular overseas number
  4. Now simply dial the full international phone number (starting with 00 as usual).
  5. To end your call, just hang up in the usual manner.
  6. The call will appear on your bill in the normal way, but the number dialled will show as the access number not the actual overseas number you spoke to.

Kind regards,

The Planet Numbers Team