Battle of the App’s

16th September 2011

Everyone knows that Apple’s bag of app’s is about to explode with over 500,000 app’s, and if you’ve got an iPhone then you’ve got to have an app.

Companies like the AA have introduced a whole range of app’s for the iPhone including Sat Nav, Road Atlas, Breakdown and traffic help, route planner, learning to drive and also the AA parking app.

Although when walking down the street the majority of people you see either have an iPhone or a Blackberry the unexpected news that Androids application downloads are going to be overtaking Apples for the first time this year is a shock to most. Specialists predict that Google’s smartphone platform will take a lead on downloads reaching 8.1 billion with Apples downloads at just 6 billion.

With there being an increase in the amount of Android handsets you can get the demand for new and better app’s is increasing everyday.